The magical powers of a Pakistani fan

Now is the time for the players and the fans to stand united and not abandon one another.

Hamza Junaid March 12, 2016
Where is all the hysteria, the passion, the flair that once filled every Pakistani’s heart, and house, as soon as news was released of the national cricket team travelling for a major cricket series, like the ICC World T20? Since when have we started supporting our team based on their logical chances of winning?

We have never won a tournament when we enter as the favourites and yet we won in 1992, and then again in 2009 when we were least expected to. We are unpredictable and it is time to support the mysterious Pakistani team once again! The beauty of Pakistani fans is that deep in their hearts they believe that even though they may be entering a tournament as underdogs, the team will rise as champions, taking the world by a storm. Imran Khan did it 24 years ago and since then we have all hoped for that miracle again.

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Despite the negative build up to the event in March 2016, we should try to see the positive side of this team; they have just the right mix of players to be least expected to win the tournament. Hence, this team might just bring a baggage of surprises that we all secretly yearn for.

As the T20 world cup is about to begin, the state of our fans resemble the Pakistani cricket team at the moment; low on energy and charisma. The agitated supporters cannot be blamed. While other teams prepare to peak at the right time before the world cup, our team has been doing exactly the opposite. A T20 series loss against New Zealand followed by a dismal performance in Asia Cup along with musical chairs for the opening spots in the batting order. Heck! We don’t even know if we have the right person leading us despite his 20 years of service!

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Some of us are furious at the selectors, some are trying to keep track of Shahid Afridi’s retirement and the rest are probably as confused as our head coach, Waqar Younis. Amid all this though, we have forgotten the power of  Pakistani fans. The music, the energy, the patriotism that lit up the streets before the World Cup lifted our team’s morale more than any training session. As supporters and proud Pakistanis, we owe to the men representing our country to have faith in them.

It is now that time of the cricket calendar when we embrace ourselves in green and white again. It is now time to forget the differences between us because of being Punjabi, Sindhi, Pakhtun or Baloch. It is also the time when the rich and poor stand united with their eyes glued to the screen and ears attentively listening to the commentary on the radio and praying for the same thing:
“Afridi, please play sensibly tonight!”

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A chaotic lead up to the World Cup is something Pakistani fans are accustomed to, so no surprises there. However, more often than not, when we enter a tournament as underdogs we bring heaps of entertainment. So Pakistani fans, let us all get out our Pakistan t-shirts, put aside our grudges and support the men in green! We don’t know if they will win the cup or not, however, without our support they will most certainly lose.

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Recent poor performances should not deter the passion of Pakistani cricket fans. It is about time we believe in our players and back our own team. Now is the time for the players and the fans to stand united and not abandon one another.

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Hamza Junaid
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harkol | 4 years ago | Reply | Recommend Not really. It has been predictable in last 25 years in losing to India.
Hassan | 4 years ago | Reply | Recommend Pathankot was your internal conspiracy check it out, further if this is the basis of your hate then we should hate u much more than you cus of dhaka fall, ur PM openly accepted that, but did we show our hate??? did we show our hate when we see RAW destabilizing Balochistan and Karachi, did we show our hate when we see the traces go back to india after many terrorists attack, did we ever blamed u...Mr its just not u who suffered from these attacks in fact we are the major victim of these attacks, which we don't assume its from India whereas many of them are funded by RAW. hwo would u react if sri lankan team would have been attacked in india??? accused Pakistan..right...but we did not, so much so that India was opposing Sri lankan visit to Pakistan but when they did they were attacked who should we think behind those attack apparently???but we don't always put this terror attacks before any discussion,This is the major difference between an Indian and a Pakistani, here this guy Manish showed how pure he is from inside and u just a media followers, everything is good in India and every bad thing is associated with Pakistan, alright let it be, we genuinely are in no need of ur support but it was just a good gesture from Manish and i appreciate that, people to people contact has nothing to do with Terrorists they did what they want to as an individual, similarly u have many extremists groups within India, like RSS, see its not all white when it comes to ur country and its not completely black when it comes to other country. why did india claimed to have attacked mayanmar whereas Myanmar said that Indian forces had carried out an attack on insurgents inside India and that it would not tolerate rebel groups using its soil to attack neighbors. why did u claimed to be a hero, see again its not all good on ur part, we r not insane, as long as bangladesh was our part u hated them now they got independence thanks to you now they are ur friends, so there is something wrong with India, if u like to see it rationally u will find no reason to hate the people of Pakistan. but at the end nobody care who hate them or love them, i am writing this to make our point clear.
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