Triple H - The only reason to watch WWE

Triple H is one of the most reputable wrestlers, love him or hate him, WWE wouldn’t be the same without him.

Omer Anwar January 26, 2016
If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Royal Rumble (2016) saw the demise of a big thorn in Authority’s way, Roman Reigns. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion had been knocking  curve balls Roman Reigns way, which he managed to throw right out of the park.

This was the case till Authority was derailed by 15 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the boss, Triple H.

Triple H has evolved from a privileged wrestler wanting to make it big into a rebellious delinquent who ushered in a revolution. He is arguably the most decorated champion in wrestling history.

Let’s take a look at the various accomplishments and stellar career highlights, on and off screen, of the King of Kings, the Cerebral Assassin, the Game; Triple H.

He revived Evolution

WWE is a team which has always been led by the face of the company. With the departure of two of the biggest stars, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the company was left hanging high and dry.

Triple H managed to gather one of the most interesting factions in the history of WWE Evolution. Leading a team which comprised of the past, present and the future; Ric Flair, Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton, they took the World Heavyweight Championship to new heights.

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Not only did this faction dominate the roster, it also dominated the WWE, where it saw all members of the team win every Championship Belt.

D-Generation X (Pioneers the Attitude Era)

The Attitude Era, where WWE television had big draws with the likes of a porn star, an alcoholic redneck, bra and panty matches, sexually exploited female employees, etc. Yes, this was the WWE merely a decade ago. Those were the good times.

Photo: Reuters

Before this era, wrestling was rather bland and always focused on the American wrestler versus the evil foreign wrestler. One day, Shawn Michaels, a stripper male-model-type pretty-boy wrestler, talked to his buddy Triple H and said,
“I’m going to make wrestling relevant again” (Or this is what I imagine he said).

Suddenly wrestling took on a whole new look. We had cursing, nudity, adult content, violence, hopes and dreams. The entire concept of professional wrestling changed and now it had attitude.

And who ended up leading this new pack? None other than Triple H and Shawn Micheals.

If you ever watched wrestling during the 90s, I can say that this duo contributed to my corrupted childhood.

He won the big one 15 times

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship is regarded as one of the most prestigious title in the entire wrestling industry. Many Hall of Famers saw the end of their careers without having to taste the gold, but Triple H had a death-grip on the title.

This Sunday, Triple H tied his title wins to the poster boy of WWE, John Cena. They are second to the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. This is a feat that many have not accomplished. It took years of dedication for all three of the aforementioned wrestlers to achieve such greatness.

Photo: AFP

Even big names who have dictated the wrestling industry, such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan haven’t achieved this accomplishment.

He outlasted the Attitude Era

Aside from the Undertaker, who wrestles on the same schedule as Santa Clause, Triple H is the only top-level Attitude Era star who’s still performing with the company.

Stone Cold has one of the best podcasts on earth, the Rock is flexing and kicking some serious action movie butts, Shawn Michaels is tracking and killing every living creature he comes across, just as his bloodthirsty God intended. Mick Foley is trying to be funny and Chris Jericho is pumping life back into rock music.

Photo: AFP

It is a huge achievement to be the last one standing and it speaks volumes about Triple H’s longevity and adaptability.

Innovating the future: NXT

The future of the industry is dictated by The Game introduced by Triple H.

The Game is short, to-the-point, has a bunch of gimmicks which work and best of all, it produces as well as highlights sensational wrestlers. Not only does it give them an opportunity to shine, it helps them to grow and provides them with the opportunity of becoming future superstars.

Photo: AFP

Since Triple H took on a managerial role in WWE, his priorities changed and he began focusing on finding and developing the next generation of WWE talent. He has done a stellar job.

On top of this, Triple H gave us a great story in the form of his life. When it came to his career, he wasn’t the toughest, fastest or even the coolest of them all, but he had what it took to stay cemented in the business and eventually run the show.

Whether he dominated the roster and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with the help of a stable he conjured, or whether he became an authority figure and worked from the inside of the company; he stood out because he made the show about him. And he succeeded.

Triple H is one of the most reputable wrestlers, love him or hate him, WWE wouldn’t be the same without him.
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Kai Sha | 5 years ago | Reply Apparently i am HHH's fan and i know alot about him, He won WWE WHC 14 times not 15 times pal get your stats right and you should have added that he is the only man in history to win the brutal Elimination Chamber matches the most and won a Royal Rumble after a huge gap to make your article more interesting but still it was decent one to read.
MJ | 5 years ago | Reply Low IQ: The only reason to watch WWE.
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