WWE Universe Night of Champions 2013 event: The most exciting event in WWE history!

From Del Rio's disqualification and the post match Van Terminator, to the Bryan-Orton show, this was nail-biting!

Omer Anwar September 17, 2013
The WWE Universe Night of Champions 2013 event was arguably the most happening event in recent WWE history. Do not be fooled, the title has no typos, there were many championships that were contested but an obvious victory has been highlighted. The following article is opinion based and contains bias, spoilers and debatable content.

The Shield is still on fire!

The Shield members participated in individual and cooperative matches that involved them defending their titles. In the Tag Team Championship bout, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins faced the Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young). Young had been in the media quite a bit this month after coming out of the closet and he received positive reception from his locker-room family to stay proud. However, the support could not save him and his partner from the Hounds of Justice.

Photo: WWE

With a mixture of Power (Reigns) and Speed (Rollins), the duo put on a great match, showcasing manoeuvres that made the crowd ecstatic. The result might have been questionable but the record books favoured them for the night. Reigns’ Spear never ceases to amaze me.

Photo: WWE

Dean Ambrose is making himself an established singles competitor; The United States Champion faced show-off Dolph Ziggler. Both competitors are gifted in-ring performers; once I heard these two were on the cards, I knew I was in for a treat. Though, the crowd favourite, Ziggler lost to Dean Ambrose and the rest of The Shield, the back and forth was breathtaking to say the least.

I am somewhat glad that Ziggler did not win the US Championship; it should point him in the direction of the Main Event Scene in the company.

Photo: WWE

The Shield and their competitors of the night were a breath of fresh air. However, victorious hounds of Justice portray an impressive future in the WWE.

Rivalries just got more interesting

World Champion Del Rio retained his title in the most brutal way imaginable; he got himself disqualified and there was no resolve. Del Rio applied the Cross Armbreaker and refused to break the hold despite RVD reaching the ropes. Del Rio didn’t seem to regret it in the least when he tweeted:


The Mexican aristocrat is talented by all means, but his vanilla personality does not give him many options when it comes to entertainment. Rob Van Dam, on the other hand, is the whole F’n show! Regardless of what the challenge is, Van Dam the veteran has always made it interesting. The post match Van Terminator was just what the show needed.

Photo: WWE

CM Punk was in a decent rivalry with new comer Curtis Axel, however, the powerhouse presence of genius heel, Paul Heyman and The Best in the World overshadowed him. The rivalry wasn’t anything special, Axel was more of a tool for Heyman against Punk. The match ended with interference by the fresh monster Ryback! Regardless of how much the fans chanted “Goldberg”, it did not change the fact that Ryback sent a message. Various questions are being raised like whether Ryback is aligned with Heyman? He came close to beating Punk before, can he do it now?

All I can say is this is exciting.


The crowd was on their feet as the people’s choice entered the arena and the 15 year veteran put on a hell of a show. The storytelling in this match was legendary and made the match an instant classic!

Photo: WWE

The corporate heel WWE Champion, Randy Orton was forced to face “the American Dragon” Daniel Bryan. Orton is one of the best performers to date, he held the company up when the Rock and Austin took their ball and went home, the Viper gave it his all that night. He was the hand-picked choice of the COO (Triple H) to be the face of the company but Bryan proved tonight that the face of the company needs a beard.

Despite lacking in size, Daniel Bryan prevailed with his outstanding in-ring ability and relentless pursuit of the corporate Champion. This match had ‘wrestling’ written all over it. Orton was not allowed any outside help and Bryan did not need any. Before the Night of Champions, the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) was pretty sure the Viper will be victorious and Bryan was going to be misused again but the results shook the very foundation of the WWE. Bryan is here to stay! I believe in the beard!

Photo: WWE

Final thoughts

The once great Tag-division that featured the Hart Foundation, Rock n Sock, the Brothers of Destruction, Legion of Doom, the Hardy Boyz and other greats of this craft are now being taken seriously by the WWE. The company did the unexpected in a very bold move making a champion out of Bryan; however, the question still is where do we go from here?

As always I’m a wrestling fan and I’ll see you guys at the next PPV.
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