Is The Good Dinosaur as great as The Lion King?

The movie does manage to entertain the viewers with brilliant animation and attention to detail.

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar January 13, 2016
The Good Dinosaur is yet another impactful movie produced by Pixar. Do you remember the kind of sentiments Disney evoked within you while watching The Lion King, especially when Mufasa was killed by the herd in front of his son? That is the level of impact I am referring to.

The story begins with a twist. An asteroid which was meant to strike earth resulting in the extinction of dinosaurs, misses earth and life goes on as usual due to which humans (cavemen) exist along side with dinosaurs. While dinosaurs are seen talking, human beings communicate with gestures and sounds. This makes the movie unique, since this time around animals have been projected as vocal and structured characters as compared to humans. The dinosaurs are seen leading an organised life and have taken up farming as their profession.

The Good Dinosaur is about a family of Apatosaurus dinosaurs, which includes Henry, the father (Jeffrey Wright), Ida, the mother (Frances McDormand) and their three children Libby, Buck, and Arlo. Among the three children, Arlo (Raymond Ochoa) is extremely shy.

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The Good Dinosaur has an intense plot and great comic timing. Pixar has managed to construct and deliver a beautiful message about overcoming one’s fears and learning to trust others.

It’s safe to say Pixar has outdone itself in the visual department this time around. With gushing rivers and snow capped mountains, the animation department adds a realistic edge to the movie.

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Arlo, the youngest child, is separated from his family due to unfortunate circumstances. Luckily, he happens upon a young boy named Spot. At first these two are seen constantly bickering but eventually they become the best of friends.

The duo head out on a mission to reunite Arlo with his family and together they face all sorts of challenges. The most entertaining bit is the humour and affection shared between Arlo and Spot. One can’t help but fall in love with their warm friendship.

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Even though The Good Dinosaur has a strong story, there are a few drawbacks.

Firstly, Arlo comes off as an artificial shiny plastic dinosaur toy and definitely does not blend in with the beautiful scenery. Secondly, despite the stunning animations, the movie tends to drag and becomes quite boring, possibly because the structure of the story is not up to mark. Lastly, the audience may find themselves drawing up similarities between The Lion King, The Croods, and Ice Age.

However, even with all these shortcomings, the movie does manage to entertain viewers with vivid animation and attention to detail.

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The Good Dinosaur is definitely a thought provoking movie. You’ll be laughing at one point and crying the next, only because it invokes strong emotions from within. Don’t be surprised if you’re teary eyed towards the end of the movie.

It’s a must watch for children. I would rate this movie 4.5 out of 5.
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anonymous | 4 years ago | Reply | Recommend I have watched the movie and I actually loved it. When I watched it, I can feel that the producers were doing it from their hearts; it feels so sincere. Sure, it's story may have used many themes that are used in many other preceding movies before it, but it is done in its own way that is fresh and original. I don't have a problem with how the characters' designs are cartoony which many people say contrasting greatly with the stunningly and photorealistically beautiful sceneries. This is art, and the artists are free to express their arts in whichever way they like best. And even though the characters looked cartoony, they are still very alive and expressive, and I can't help but love the two main protagonists Arlo and Spot. The only drawbacks this movie has for me is its opening and ending, which I feel a bit rushed. I only wished we get to see more of Poppa Henry and Arlo grow very close together as father and son at the beginning so that when the landslide and flash flood took Poppa away, we will feel more devastated for his death and for Arlo's loss. As for the ending, it ends rather abruptly for me. I wish we get to see Arlo helps his mother and his siblings to finish the harvest before the winter like he said he would when he reached home before finally making his mark on his family's silo. All in all, I absolutely adore this movie. The producers who made this movie totally knew how to communicate the emotions and messages of this movie to the people who will truly appreciate it. There are two moments in this movie that successfully moved me to tears. The first one being Arlo and Spot using different sized sticks to represent their family members and then lay down and bury the ones that represent the deceased, and Spot teaches Arlo how to mourn by howling to the starry night sky. The second one is, of course, the ending, from Arlo and Spot part ways to Arlo coming home and finally 'make his mark' on his family's silo. Even though the ending is a bit rushed, it is still very emotional. I know I am in the minority when it comes to loving this movie, but I don't care. This movie, like everything else in the world, will be liked by those who can appreciate it and disliked by others who can't. I like this movie, and that's what matters to me.
abc | 4 years ago | Reply | Recommend .... tried to watch it, but the show was fully booked. I have watched the trailers, and was moved by the story and the art work. Go must watch it before it is off the theater.
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