Does Netanyahu hate Palestinians so much that he is blaming them for the Holocaust?

Netanyahu has done nothing but try to distort history for his own personal reasons and ended up looking like a fool.

Shamila Ghyas October 22, 2015
The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, always the very popular man in the Muslim world, had a revelation to share with the universe a few days ago. He stated that the very man responsible for the genocide of six million Jews in the world, Adolf Hitler, had no intentions of killing them after all.  

Who would have thought?

In fact, it had been a Palestinian, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who had convinced him to do it.

Of course, it had to be a Muslim that led him astray.

The Mufti, Haj al-Husseini apparently whispered melodiously “Burn Jews” in Hitler’s ears; his eyes widened with glee, and he screamed out “What fun, Ja!!” and the Holocaust was set into motion or something like that.

I do not know if this is a ploy to make people less sympathetic towards Palestine or sheer stupidity, but either ways, the plan has fallen flat on its face, Netanyahu’s face that is.

Not only has he belittled the Jews who suffered at the hands of Hitler, trivialised the Holocaust, but also tried to put the blame on someone else, trying to make Hitler seem less ‘evil’ as perceived by most sane people.

It is pertinent to know a little history about what happened back then before moving on to Mufti’s role in all this.

January 30, 1933 is the date when the leader of the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party, Hitler, was named the Chancellor of Germany. By February 28th, the Gestapo (Secret State Police) was formed, recruited from police officers and was given complete freedom to arrest anyone for any reason. Even in Pakistan, you need an FIR; here you needed nothing.

The Schutzstaffel (SS) became Hitler’s team of personal bodyguards and later on went on to control the concentration camps as well as the Gestapo. This meant that there would be no investigations into the deaths that took place. Anyone could be jailed (be it a simple disagreeing political opponent, democrat, etc), tortured and executed. Hundreds of political opponents were murdered.  Please note that we haven’t even gotten to the Jews yet.

With all these in place, Hitler had complete control of Germany and his campaign against the Jews went full force ahead. The Nazis claimed that the Jews were evil and cowardly while the Germans were hardworking, courageous and honest.

So they used that courage and honesty to murder? The logic is obviously far too advanced for me.

All this stemmed from personal bigotry because the Jews, who were active in finance, commerce, media, and all the arts, were wrongly described as those who weakened Germany’s economy and culture. Everyone needs a scapegoat and one to pin the blame on; the Jews were theirs. The Germans were described as the strongest and the fittest, and keeping Darwin’s theory in mind, were thus destined to rule. The Jews were ‘obviously’ weak and racially contaminated and doomed to extinction.

This went beyond just simple dislike based on religious differences.

Hundreds of Synagogues were destroyed, all the businesses owned by Jews were forced to close down, they were made to wear a large sewn Star of David on their clothes so they could be identified as Jews from afar. Books written by them were burnt. All their businesses and homes were confiscated. Their jobs were taken away. They were murdered. Countless rapes took place, and tens of thousands of women were either sterilised in camps, or were so violently assaulted, they could no longer have children.

Thousands and thousands were further arrested and placed in concentration camps where eventually most died. Then, the German officials announced publicly that the Jewish community was to blame for the pogrom and then went on further to fine the German Jews $400 million (equivalent) for that. They also took in the insurance money from Jewish homeowners whose property suffered damage due to the actions of Hitler’s goons.

Medical experiments were carried out on everyone (Jews) including children, for instance, injecting their eyes with liquids to change their colour, sewing twins together to create conjoined twins. In the name of knowledge, sections of bones, muscles and nerves were removed from ‘subjects’ without any anaesthesia. It is hard to even imagine the agony they went through, before eventually dying as a result. The ones who did not were usually executed after the tests were done.

Others were lined up, stripped and shot with automatic weapons.

Another cruel Hitler approved manner of killing Jews was when the newly grabbed (fresh meat) Jews were segregated for being weak; they were led to a dressing room where a sign told them to strip, to put their shoes in the cubbyholes and to tie them together so they don’t lose them (later). They were told they could then take a hot shower after which they would receive hot coffee.

The poor victims undressed themselves and readily walked into the chambers expecting water to fall through the columns in front. Instead they were gassed to death with special truncheons, which forced the people further into the chamber. Little infants were picked by up their legs and their skulls smashed against the walls. For three minutes the victims were gassed. If any survived this horrendous ordeal, they were then beaten to death and valuables stolen from their corpses.

Now back to the Grand Mufti. The Holocaust officially began when Hitler was made Chancellor. That was the year 1933.  The 95-minute meeting about Arab independence between them (Mufti and Hitler) did not happen till November 1941.

Eight years after it all began.

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the Grand Mufti had been whispering in Hitler’s ears to kill the Jews all those years, was it he who murdered six million of them? Was it he who gassed them? Killed infants? Tortured them? Took away their homes? Snatched away each and every right and dignity they had as human beings? Blaming the Mufti for Hitler’s actions is not much different from a man who commits a murder and then says,
“Oops, shaytan (devil) made me do it.”

There is no doubt historically based on his comments, that the Grand Mufti was anti-Semite but he had no role in what Hitler did. Every responsibility falls on him and everyone who supported him.

Just how much does Netanyahu hate Palestinians, that he is willing to cover up the crimes of the most evil murderer in the history of the world and work along the same lines as Holocaust deniers just to make himself look good and justify his own actions. This is also incitement towards the Palestinians of today.

Netanyahu has done nothing but try to distort history for his own personal reasons and has ended up looking like a fool.

Even the German government has made an official statement that the responsibility for the Holocaust lay with the Germans.

A crude way to finish, but it’s time to for Netanyahu to insert his foot in his mouth.
Shamila Ghyas The writer is the author of the Aoife and Demon series. She also writes for Khabaristan Times, The Nation, Express Tribune, Dawn and other publications. She can be reached at @ShamilaGhyas ( and
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