Bollywood takes on Hollywood: ‘Brothers’ does justice to ‘Warriors’

This movie should be able to shatter the perception that Bollywood cannot make a good remake of a Hollywood movie.

Muhammad Yasir Shaikh August 23, 2015
When I heard about the movie Brothers’, the Bollywood remake of ‘Warriors’, I was disappointed at first because I did not want them to taint the legacy of such an epic movie, one of the classics of the Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) genre. Don’t blame me for thinking so, because most of the remakes and many from across the border will agree with me.

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I started to gather some more information about the remake, as I am a die-hard fan of action and MMA championship movies.When I learnt that Akshay Kumar would be depicting one of the main protagonists of the movie, I felt a little relieved. However, I was a little quirked at Sidharth Malhotra playing Tom Hardy’s equivalent in the movie because perhaps no one can be at par with Hardy’s acting skills.

Kumar plays the good son, David, a fighter-turned-teacher returning to the ring to fund an operation for his sick daughter, where as Malhotra plays the recently-out-of-prison, Monty.

I was actually amused to see Malhotra do justice to the role, even with lesser screen presence and dialogues, as compared to Kumar.

Photo: Brothers Facebook page

The movie was captivating from the beginning and highlighted the main problems faced by fighters in our part of the world, which are more adverse because of the lack of proper facilities available. It also depicted the painful story of the family breaking apart and the effect it had on the boys’ upbringing.

Photo: Brothers Facebook page

Photo: Brothers Facebook page

I was a bit doubtful about the fight scenes but I was proven wrong yet again. They have executed it well,especially the reincarnation of Koba; equally dark and much bigger in size than the actual one. All the fight scenes are fantastic and every MMA enthusiast will love them. The audience is on a roller coaster ride of emotions as well, thanks to Jackie Shroff’s acting as a drunken father and Shefali Shah’s role as a doting mother; outstanding performances by both of them. However, the commentary was too wordy, because of the lack of good catchy Hindi phrases.

Photo: Brothers Facebook page

This movie should be able to shatter the perception that Bollywood cannot make a good remake of a Hollywood movie. I hope to see more action movies like this, both in Pakistan and India. Put please put aside your ‘Warrior’ glasses when you watch this movie and you will be entertained with this power packed remake of ‘Warriors’.

Photo: Brothers Facebook page

I would rate this movie four out of five stars.
Muhammad Yasir Shaikh
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mohsinsidhu89 | 4 years ago | Reply | Recommend Brothers is a great movie especially the character played by Akshay Kumar is superb.
someone | 4 years ago | Reply | Recommend Yes. Only Pakistani movies with chest moving women doing Mujras are according to the teaching of Islam. So are the movies with Gandasa carryign hero cutting heads every where. Pretty much a picture of Islam there for you.
Hassan | 4 years ago That is only punjabi culture, those moviues are produced for punjab only, watch other movies that are in Urdu, there u find no gandasa carrying hero. its like any other regional industry in India.
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