The not so pricey Valentine’s Day basket for your priceless other

With a little effort, and not too much pressure on your pocket, you can come up with amazing gifts for your Valentine.

Sonal Arshad Siraj February 12, 2015
The big day is around the corner and you haven’t gotten a gift for your loved one as yet? Worry not, as your spree saviour, moi, is here to save the day. It’s high time you get your gifts ready, if you haven’t already.

Teddy bears, roses, chocolates, photo frames – stay away from these clichés and try something new and different this year. By putting in a little effort, and not too much pressure on your pocket, you can come up with an amazing gift for your Valentine.

Below is a list of things you can buy that are cute, simple and not so pricey. There is no rule that says that you need to empty your wallet to make your loved one happy. Here is how you can spend smart and make a nice little gift basket for you beau/belle:

For her:

1. Nothing professes love like flowers do

First things first, flowers! While roses have been overdone, you can choose another kind of flower. Bouquets are a good option but if you’re on a strict budget, a single, long stem would do wonders too.

Pink lily flower

Price: Rs120 to Rs150.

You can find this at any flower vendor (In Karachi, Centra Flora at Khayaban-e-Shahbaz is my personal favourite). If you wish to spend more on flowers, you can order a bouquet of imported ones from here and have them delivered to your loved one.

2. Personalised affairs

A customised key chain for her to keep with her wherever she goes. Get a matching pair for the both of you!

Photo: Firefly Facebook page

Price: Rs270 for a pair.

This is cheap, thoughtful and simply adorable. You can find this here.

3. Say it with a message

A coffee mug that says it all – this Frozen mug is just the cutest thing ever and I am sure it will melt her heart. If you want a different design, you can choose one from the many on this page and the best part is, you can get it customised to your liking!

Photo: Evoke Facebook page

Price: Rs599

4. The era of mists

For the final gift, be a little generous and spend the most on this one. Since perfumes are too costly, I would recommend a body mist. You can choose from a great range here; the store is available at every major shopping mall in the city.

Photo: Body Shop website

Price: Rs1,500.

The Moringa fragrance will surely make her day.

Get all the above mentioned items and get them wrapped in a basket or box from any gift/stationery shop near you. That should cost you another Rs150.

Total cost: Approximately Rs3,089.

That’s not too bad for a Valentine’s Day gift for your ‘someone special’. After all, she’s worth it. But if you still feel it’s too heavy on your pocket, you can omit a thing or two, and tailor it according to your budget.

For him:

1. The assured way to his heart

If you think it’s just a bunch of baloney when people say ‘the way to his heart is through his stomach’, you couldn’t be more wrong. Order a delicious batch of his favourite cupcakes and voila! Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than cupcakes!

Photo: Cake Creations Facebook page

The price for one cupcake is Rs90 and the price for a half a dozen is Rs600 here.

Photo: Pane & amore Facebook page

But if you believe in quality, then you should try this outlet. The price per cupcake is around Rs150.

2. Make sure you’re always on his mind!

Get him something that he can keep on his bed or in his room to remind him of you constantly. Customised cushions are the best way to go. There some adorable ones in the market.


Price: Rs1,650 here. The design is extremely cute but it’s way too costly for a cushion. Get the same design made at another store or one of the stalls at Dolmen Mall. You can opt for something like this:

Photo: Evoke Facebook page

Photo: Evoke Facebook page

At a price of Rs999 per cushion, this place has a large variety of charming designs to choose from.

3. Don’t just be his arm candy

Be a part of his attire and get him a formal shirt or tie, which can be the bigger part of your gift basket. Check out this store at Dolmen Mall and take advantage of the grand, on-going sale. Or you can purchase a wallet here and get his name embossed on it.

Photo: Jafferjees Facebook page

Price: Rs1,670

4. Add some humour to your relationship

Be a little naughty and get him a mug with an interesting message. After all, it is Valentine’s Day!

Photo: Evoke Facebook page

Photo: Evoke Facebook page

Price: Rs599 for one

Assuming you order the half-dozen cupcakes, your total, along with packaging, would amount to around Rs3,568. Cut back on a thing or two to keep it within your range and you’re good to go.

The best part about these presents is that you can mix match, get a cushion for your beauty and get the key chain for your man. How you choose to make your basket is completely upto you! And viola! Your Valentine’s Day shopping is done! You’re welcome! Now don’t just sit there, get going and put in that extra effort you know you can make for your relationship!

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance to all you love birds out there!
Sonal Arshad Siraj
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