Willful ignorance

They kill in Your name; they torment and subjugate. Will bigotry prevail over forbearance? Is that our fate?

Khushbakht Vaka February 04, 2015
What do you want, God? What do you need?

Submission, obedience and blind faith; is that all you require of me?


I am sorry, my Lord; this dogma I refuse to accept,

From the Master of the universe, more compassion do I expect,

You are the Vicegerent, the Supreme and the Omnipotent,

Am I alive to live in fear? Is that how I am supposed to view your strength?


My heart does not believe it! It does not concur,

It trusts a God of mercy and benignity, not tyranny and terror,

They kill in Your name; they torment and subjugate,

Will bigotry prevail over forbearance? Is that our fate?


They shed blood of the “unbelievers”, innocent though they may be,

They set it as a precedent, a warning for the world to see,

They call me a heathen, an infidel for the way I dress,

Under the guise of seeking Your favour, members of Your creation do they oppress,

Why are You silent, God? Don’t You See?


I have been told that anything can happen when You just say, “be”!

I am impatient, Lord. I cannot wait.

When will You set us free? When will You liberate?

Call me a heretic; yes, you may!

I am prepared to contest this wilful ignorance; I am ready for the fray!
Khushbakht Vaka
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Sid | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend Her thoughts reflects problem with all religion and not just Islam.
Sid | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend Salute dear, for beautifully expressing your thoughts.
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