The Paradox

What is this dilemma, for sure I cannot say. Conflicting emotions now define me, they are here to stay.

Khushbakht Vaka November 26, 2013
I am baffled, oh people! I am perplexed,

I am strong one minute and weak the next,


I adore my milieu; furtively my hinterland do I detest,

I am at peace with myself, only to be hit by unrest,


Perseverance drives me; fatigue compels me to withdraw,

I seek perfection, though my eyes only see flaw,


I long for affection; I have just hate to offer,

I desire harmony; except with no one can I concur,


I yearn for the joy of life; but I want death to set me free,

I wish to face all odds; yet there is a strong urge to flee,


I thirst for my jovial side; still the bitterness does not leave,

My heart wants to trust again; nevertheless it fears deceit,


What this dilemma is, oh people, for sure I cannot say,

Conflicting emotions now define me; they are here to stay,


What is this irony? Why am I withheld by this stumbling block?

Can someone tell me? How do I get rid of this paradox?
Khushbakht Vaka An accountant and auditor by profession, Khushbakht’s interests include reading and writing. She is also a member of Women’s Action Forum (WAF).
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shireen | 6 years ago | Reply | Recommend every body at some point or the other goes through what is said in this poem . its the most basic reality of life. The uncertainty of human nature.
Sonali Dhir | 6 years ago | Reply | Recommend amazing!
Khushbakht Vaka | 6 years ago Thank you.
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