Two and a Half Men and my list of expectations from the final season

This being the last season, expectations are sky-rocketing and this is my wish-list!

Adnan Anwar October 23, 2014
Two and a Half Men premieres its 12th and final season on October 30, 2014. Twelve seasons. Even comedy giants like Seinfeld and Friends didn’t make it this far, getting nine and ten seasons respectively, clearly showing how successfully this show has been received by the audience.

A lot of the fame can be attributed to the star-studded cast the show has; with the controversial yet famous Charlie Sheen being in the lead role for the first eight seasons, to getting Ashton Kutcher taking over “the ashes” of Sheen. Meanwhile, many huge celebrities also made regular appearances on the show, some prominent ones being Sean PennMegan FoxSteven Tyler and Mila Kunis.

Despite the ups and downs faced by the series the ‘men’, somehow, managed to survive. This being the last season expectations are sky-rocketing! In light of that, here is my very own list of expectations (wishes) that I hope to see in the final season of the series:

1)       Make Walden more Charlie

I know Walden can never really be Charlie but a little hint here or there won’t hurt; besides, Charlie’s charm is hard to forget, give us something to hold on to. Walden seems to be perpetually caught up on an emotional rollercoaster. Although the producers did try to give him a ‘playa’ edge in the previous season, it just didn’t meet the extent we, the audience, expected. While Charlie was rich but old, Walden is young and rich; you don’t expect that type of guy to be in a relationship or as someone looking to settle down. I do realise that bringing in another version of Charlie would be over-the-top, but flashes of resemblance will connect the 8 seasons with Charlie to this new Two and a Half Men a lot more. Also, and this is my humble opinion, but the tech geek aspect of Walden’s life also needs to brought down a notch; the show is called Two and a Half Men not The Big Bang Theory! We also hope he doesn’t get back with any of his previous partners, all of whom we hated!

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2)       Where is Jake?

What happened to Jake? I know the producers are aware of this, but he does happen to be ‘half of the men’ and he has been missing in action for far too long. Yes Angus T Jones, Jake, did make some controversial remarks about the show and does have college to attend in real life because he is a kid, but it would be nice to see how his life unfolds towards the end of the series as well. His conclusion is long overdue and honestly, he was an important part of the show. We miss the stupid albeit funny things Jake did/said with the gang. The kid literally grew up with the men’.

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3)       Alan deserves to be ‘Alan’

I know it’s the final season and normally it’s a cue for happy endings. Everyone lives happily ever after but, Alan? No! You can’t give Alan a happy ending. Yes, don’t take me wrong, I do feel for the guy sometimes – he is a cheap, deceitful freeloader but remains to be the one who cares the most about everyone else around him, feels their pain and helps them carry on with lives, while his own life is a wreck – but can you really see Alan being anything but a wreck? Nah! That just doesn’t make any sense! If Alan gets a happy ending, he ceases to be Alan. He deserves to be the sponge living at somebody else’s house. Okay sure, maybe give him a teeny-weeny bit of happiness, give him Lindsey, but that’s it!! Anything more would be overkill.

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4)       Jenny!

After Jake’s departure, Jenny, Charlie’s long lost daughter, took over as ‘half of the men’. Although this may have been the producers way of bringing bits of Charlie back to our lives, and is shown, successfully, to share many personality traits with her deceased father. After Alan, Jenny is the most fun character in the series. She is already in a relationship and we expect her to settle down, all the while continuing to be part of the ‘men’. But shouldn’t there be a twist in her story as well? What if she isn’t actually Charlie’s daughter and turns out to be a freeloader like Alan? Remember the producers had almost the same storyline with the character of Courtney Leopold, played by actress Jenny McCarthy, during season five. So who knows!

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5)       The rest of gang

Berta – truly the world’s best housekeeper. We expect her to continue with a lot of pot brownie eating, less working and taunting “zippy” every time!

Evelyn – by now we expect to see her and her husband dead. The woman was of importance during the time Charlie was alive but now, please kill her off.

Rose – is also missing. The last we knew of her was the fact that she was an investor in Walden’s girlfriend’s fashion line. So is she still stalking Walden and trying to get to him? A truly fun twist would be if she could somehow tell us the truth about what exactly happened to Charlie.

Also, Lindsey – we love her! She is so funny; it would be lovely to see her get back with Alan.

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And lastly…

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6)       Can Charlie come back?

I know it’s a stupid thought; they killed the character and everything, but just to say adiós, just to make an entry, in whatever way, feature Charlie at least once, perhaps as a ghost, to say goodbye to his fans! Or he could be a pedestrian on the street who bumps into Alan, a janitor in a relationship with Berta, whatever helps float the boat. The guy built the show! For eight seasons he made Two and a Half Men what it is. He was and is an integral part of the show, and his fans deserve to see him one last time.
Adnan Anwar
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indian charlie | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend the show is still on? rumors are around that charlie may comeback for the next season. i stopped watching the day charlie died. two deaths that shattered me were of charlies in two and half men and will gardener in the good wife.
Supriya Arcot | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend Hmmm managed to view a couple of episodes of the newest season and was not ... Well ... That impressed . The jokes have become bland / predictable with no subtlety or insinuations . The decor is good though I find the sheen gone after Charlie left the show .
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