Nine must-watch TV shows that are seriously underrated

If you're done with Gossip Girl and Breaking Bad, here are a few shows that will keep you glued to the TV.

Haseeb Sultan December 23, 2013
We all know everybody loves Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Big Bang Theory and the like. However, being the hipster that I am, I tend to avoid watching mainstream television shows.

They’re great productions but the problem is, I can’t stand being a part of the cult. So I’m sorry if it disappoints any of you if I don’t watch the shows you oh-so-dearly love.

I noticed that when a show becomes a trend, people only watch that particular one, while ignoring many shows which are far better.

Here I have compiled my list of the nine must-watch shows that people in Pakistan absolutely need to see, in case they are done watching Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad.

1. American Horror Story

Currently in its third season, the show is a thriller show with gory, mystic and supernatural elements that just keeps you on the edge throughout. The best part is that every season comes with its own storyline. Created by Ryan Murphy of Glee, this show’s second season was given 17 Emmy Award nominations. It just cannot get better than that. If you love critically acclaimed shows, then here's a show you would not want to ignore.

PHOTO: American Horror Story Official Facebook Page

For those who absolutely love horror movies, this one’s a must-watch for you!

Plus, the third season features my long time crush Emma Roberts in the main characters so I, for one, cannot miss it.

2. Hannibal

The show is only one season old but it's receiving rave reviews, which it totally deserves. Hannibal is a TV show about a psychopath psychiatrist who is, as you guessed it, a cannibal. The show revolves around his relationship with a special FBI investigator who is inspecting the crimes committed by Hannibal, not knowing that his counselor is the murderer.

This show is your answer to Dexter and its gory, thrilling storyline is pretty amazing. It’s a bit slow paced, but the gore should be enough to keep you awake.

While the show did not receive any Emmy Nominations, it did win the hearts of many critics. Here’s to hoping that the second season gets more credited attention.

Bottom line is, if there’s one show you need to watch before it gets famous in Pakistan, its Hannibal.

3. Skins

Alright, I admit that the series has ended but if you look at the fact that you guys still watch Seinfeld and Friends, then Skins is still relatively new in comparison.

PHOTO: Skins Official Facebook Page

The show chronicles the lives of teenagers in a town in England and spans different characters for different years, but somehow inter-relating them. The reason the series is a must watch is because, unlike the rest of the CW series that glamorise teen life, this show is true and hard hitting and gives a great insight into what the ‘real’ teen life is.

It has won lots of awards and gained many nominations, so please do yourselves a favour and watch this show in case you’re looking for something teen but not as hyped as CW’s.

4. Community

I love this show. It’s one of the most real life comedies and funny stories one could ask for!

PHOTO: Community Official Facebook Page

It’s about a group of community college students who accidentally become friends only because a guy wanted to ask out one of the girls in their study group. What leads from there is a hilarious adventure through their college lives.

It’s pretty old and currently into its fifth season with a huge critical acclaim. It has won lots of awards and nominations. If you want to experience what the term ROTFL (Rolling on the floor, laughing) means, go watch it right now!

5. Awkward

I know MTV is notorious for nude and lewd content in Pakistan, but give this MTV show a chance. It’s real and funny as anything you have ever seen.

PHOTO: Awkward Official Facebook Page

It’s about a girl whose accident is mistakenly considered as a suicide attempt. And there’s the fact that she’s in a closet (literally) relationship with the school’s most popular boy, being the most unpopular girl of the school. The show delves into her mind and her blog which portray how awkward life can be.

6. The Inbetweeners

The UK version is the original one, which portrays the lives of four teenagers who stumble across humiliating experiences and adventures while going through puberty and entering adulthood. The UK version is also more famous than its US counterpart, but the US one deserves a chance too. Both are fun to watch.

PHOTO: The Inbetweeners USA Official Facebook Page

7. Hart of Dixie

It’s about a New York based doctor who needs to do a year on practice in the far off southern town of Blue Bell, which is not ready to accept her. Watching her win southern hearts and making her way into the society is a television show treat.

PHOTO: Hart of Dixie Official Facebook Page

8. Twisted

The show is new, so catch up on it soon. It’s making waves. The show marks the life of a teenage boy who murdered his aunt as a kid and is now back from juvenile prison. The people are not willing to accept him, including his two childhood best friends.

PHOTO: Twisted Official Facebook Page

9. Carrie Diaries

It’s a younger version of Sex and the City (SATC) and frankly, it isn’t as good. However, it makes up for an interesting watch. It’s not so famous here as SATC and I know that many of my generation hardly know about SATC, so this show should lead you up to it smoothly.

PHOTO: Carrie Dairies Official Facebook Page

These shows are better than the mainstream TV shows you watch just because your best friend watches them as well. Take some time out to watch shows that actually appeal to you and interest you, shows that make you go 'what just happened' when they end an episode unexpectedly and make you itch to find out what happens next.

Be a trendsetter instead of a trend follower. You can be the cool guy or girl who suggests new shows that may intrigue your friends.
Haseeb Sultan
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Noman Ansari | 6 years ago | Reply | Recommend you have got alot of free time on your hands
Shobz | 6 years ago | Reply | Recommend I watch around 5 of the shows mentioned in this post. "Awkward" is pretty interesting and one of the freshest shows on TV (well more like Cable since it is on MTV). If there any fans of sketch comedies then do watch "Portlandia". If you want to watch a good comedy give "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" a try.
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