5 reasons why Arsenal will win the English Premiere League

With a strong defence, promising young players and Mesut Ozil, Arsenal is headed towards the title this season!

Bilal Amjad October 07, 2013
“Football fans are fickle in nature.”

 This is the claim that I am sure Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger, will make for the rapid turn his fortune took within the span of a few weeks.

Just a few weeks ago, however, on the opening day of the season when Arsenal suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Aston Villa, its fans were chanting,
 “You don’t know what you are doing.”

Needless to say that the atmosphere was all doom and gloom then. However, six weeks after that Villa disaster, the tide has completely turned in Wenger’s favour and Arsenal is currently sitting at the top of the table, with five consecutive wins under its belt.

Although it is easy to get carried away by the early promising signs shown by the Gunners this season, it is important to remember that the Premiere League is not a sprint, but a long marathon which is won by the team which shows the most consistency throughout the campaign.

After carefully assessing Arsenal’s performance, I have come to the conclusion that Wenger’s team is well capable of winning the English Premier League crown this year. The reasons for my claim are given below:

Strong defence

There is a myth about Arsenal that they don’t defend well. However, last season it had the second best defensive record in the League and since the arrival of Steve Bould, as Wenger’s right-hand man, Arsenal’s defence has improved significantly. Moreover, German centre-back Per Mertesacker, who was initially criticised by many for being slow, is now one of the most important members of the squad. He is literally the defensive rock of the team. Simply put, the German national has brought a calming influence among the back four and Arsenal is now reaping the benefits of having a strong defence.

Weaker competitors

It was not long ago that the Premiere League was considered a two-horse race between the Manchester clubs. However, that landscape has been completely altered since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. Now there are four or five teams who are slugging it out to become Premiere League Champions.

Arsenal is the only team out of the top four who have persisted with their long-serving manager. Manchester United, City and Chelsea have all begun this season with a new man in charge and they are all struggling at the moment. David Moyes, as Manchester United’s new manager, is under immense pressure to fill the boots vacated by Sir Alex Ferguson and he seems to be teetering under the weight of these huge expectations. On the other hand, Chelsea’s manager, Jose Mourinho is also realising the fact that you don’t have the luxury of an extended honeymoon period in re-marriages. His current Chelsea side is no where near the well-oiled machine that he produced nine years ago when he first took charge at Stamford Bridge. Hence, Wenger, being the wily old fox that he is,  is trying his best to take advantage of this turbulence at other clubs and has already built up an impressive early lead over his rivals.

Once the 'Invincibles': Glory days will soon be back for Arsenal. PHOTO: Reuters

Unity in the squad

It is a fact that this Arsenal side does not have the star power of yesteryears, when the likes of Henry, Viera and Bergkamp played for it. However, instead of looking for brilliance from a single world-class player, the team makes up through team spirit. There isn't a single negative vibe in the camp and there is no sulking character in the squad. Even the players, who have not been able to break in the side yet, are patiently waiting for their chance. There is no moaning about lack of playing time or demand of a pay rise from anyone. Arsene Wenger has instilled great unity and harmony among the squad, which has helped them get through some really testing times.

Nurturing young talent

One thing that Wenger simply loves is young talent. Rather than buying a ready-made superstar, he loves taking promising youngsters under his wing and nurturing them into world-class players. He followed the same strategy with the current squad and although it took some time, the outcome of Wenger’s masterstroke can now be seen.

Ramsey is one of the most in form mid-fielders in Europe at the moment. This boy seems to score goals just for fun. Jack Wilshere is the only hope of his nation in the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. Kieran Gibbs is in his best form, and barring Leighton Baines, he is currently the best left-back in the League. Theo Walcott has become a regular feature in England’s national side. All of them are ready to take Arsenal to the next level of success.

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere. PHOTO: AFP

Mesut Ozil

In spite of the united spirit of the squad, Arsenal fans were crying out all summer for a big name. They kept on waiting throughout the transfer window and finally their prayers were answered on the deadline day when Arsenal broke the bank and signed German international, Mesut Ozil. It is key to note that this was not a mere signing; this was a huge statement of intent from the club to the world of football that they are ready to compete with the big boys.

Ozil is an exceptional player. He is known as the King of Assists and that’s why so many Real Madrid players were sad at the sight of him leaving their club. On the other hand, his signing has completely transformed the mood at the Emirates. It has given a massive boost to everyone at the club and by the look of things this euphoria is not going to end any time soon.

King of the Assists: Ozil already becoming a favourite. PHOTO: AFP

All in all, one thing is for sure that Arsenal is definitely contending for the title this season. And I truly believe that this team has got enough potential to see them through the finishing line in May.

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Bilal Amjad A Chemical Engineer from Comsats. He loves football and is a passionate gooner. He tweets as @goonersheikh
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