Hook Line & Sinker: Bringing seafood to Karachi the coastal way!

Karachi needs more eateries like this - they give true meaning to our beautiful coastal city - its true identity.

Arsalan Faruqi April 01, 2013
Hook Line & Sinker (HLS) is located in a peaceful upscale neighbourhood of Block 4 Clifton. Rubbing shoulders with Oishi Sushi and China Kitchen, it is Pakistan’s first fine dining seafood restaurant.

The catchy name is well complimented by the overall nautical ambiance and hospitality of the staff who, by the way, are dressed up as sailors and mariners.

HLS is a breath of fresh air for connoisseurs of high quality fresh sea food.

The moment you step in, you are greeted with live jazz music being played by a pianist-saxophonist duo that keeps you entertained, throughout your dining experience with soft music.

The entire restaurant is divided into split levels.

The ground floor has been carefully designed keeping in mind the necessary aesthetics of a fine dining sea food eatery.

This floor gives a full view of the kitchen and men at work.

The first floor has an open wooden deck area with a seating capacity of around 25 people and a covered smoking lounge which is adorned with comfortable sofas and a cosy atmosphere.

After admiring the ambiance and freshness of the venue we ordered a serving of Chilli Garlic Prawns and Thai Prawn Soup as appetizers which were done to perfection.

Our main entrées included a mix of desi and oriental cuisines. From the desi menu we had Sabzwari crabs and sea food Katakat. The crabs were drenched in mild spicy garlic sauce and were mentioned as a recipe from the dastarkhwan of the coastal commanders of Sindh during Mohammad Bin Qasim’s time.

The sea food Katakat was equally scrumptious with hot, freshly prepared naan and comprised of fish, shrimps and squid cut into tiny cubes and marinade.

Our third entrée was a European delight, a Grilled Red Snapper with Pepperonata which we thoroughly enjoyed along with some refreshing mint lemonades.

The server also recommended their Fish Karhai and Lobster Thermidore which we left for our next visit, which will probably be very soon.

Among their other specialities which we didn’t try on our first visit are oysters, crab gratin, fish masala, caviar, high graded lobsters and New York cheese cake in dessert.

The HLS experience left us with nothing to criticise.

From the warm hospitality of the staff to the delicious quality of food and of course the amazing ambiance, I would give them a whopping nine on 10 for an overall 360 degree fine dining experience.

They are open for brunch, lunch and dinner with some very interesting deals to offer. Karachi needs more eateries like this - they give true meaning to our beautiful coastal city - its true identity.

PHOTOS: Hook Line & Sinker Facebook page.

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