Sindh will be a much better place than Sind!

The changing of the name from Sind to Sindh will definitely bring prosperity, rule of law, security and education.

Arsalan Faruqi February 13, 2013
It was a very proud moment for the Sind(h) assembly when the members “unanimously” agreed that an amendment bill be passed officially correcting the spelling of the province of ‘Sindh’ which was incorrectly reported by Radio Pakistan earlier to have been changed to “Sind”.

The people of the province eagerly awaited the verdict for this diabolical, life-threatening issue. Now that it has been resolved and clarity has been brought forth, this step will certainly bring prosperity, rule of law, health care and education to the Sind(h)is of Sind(h).

Having named everything possible after Benazir Bhutto, the highly competent members of the Sind(h) assembly achieved what no other government could. This time-consuming correction will bring the province of Sind(h) at par with thriving economies like South Korea, China or maybe even Japan!

Cornel, Harvard and MIT might consider opening their campuses in Sind(h) and foreign investments will come pouring in. Foreigners will be frequenting their visits to discover the great potential Sind(h) has and people will leave their front doors open whence leaving for work due to the excellent security throughout the province. The change in spelling will also take Karachi stock market to a record high and probably will get the title of ‘fastest growing stock market’ in no time.

Unemployment will be replaced by mass job placements and foreign graduates will prefer coming down to Sind(h) to work, rather than Dubai, Malaysia or Singapore.

Extortionists will become entrepreneurs and kidnappers will become pious.

Cell-phone snatchers will open up their own mobile phone franchises while target killers will teach combat training at the primary school level. Shia Sunni communities will embrace each other and prefer offering namaz in each other’s mosques while the poor rural farmer will have plenty of land in his name to fulfill all his needs.

The Taliban will teach dramatics at NAPA and the Lyari gangsters will prepare a team of soccer players for the next English Premier League.

The change in the way we now spell Sind(h) will also bring rapid bus transit and circular railway projects to Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Dadu, Sukkur and the rural-urban divide will get narrower and thinner.

The honourable Sind(h) assembly members have truly proven themselves as sons of the soil by addressing such a crucial issue and within no time had it passed through the Houses of Parliament to make sure no error like this diabolical one could ever be repeated.

Their level of intellect deserves appreciation, afterall, their will to resolve 'core' issues being faced by the province is exemplary, no doubt.

Sind(h) will soon be seeing a rejuvenated populace making its mark in the world and bringing laurels for the province. Government officers will be working day and night diligently and with all honesty and dedication just because now they are Sindhis and not Sindis.

God save Pakistan and its Sind(h)is.

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Arsalan Faruqi An entrepreneur with a degree in computer engineering and an MBA from IBA Karachi. He tweets as @arsalanfaruqi (
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Concerned Citizen | 11 years ago | Reply Our government has much better things than this to do; we should not be giving attention to issues whilst our country is plagued with all sorts of other problems. The writer should know better than to give so much undue attention to such a mundane issue.
Abid P. Khan | 11 years ago | Reply @NuPak: Please notice that it is you who is dragging the discourse off the subject, by introducing the case of Turkish spellings today, that too grasped from thin air and is nothing but your own supposition. . My request was to persons (in this case you) to bother to consult a source which could contain more reliable knowledge than their own, before making wild claims. I failed miserably, as any fool can check things up in an encyclopaedia, with minimal effort.
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