Congratulations on your inhumanity

Congrats in losing the little warmth left in you, in being cleansed of all human feelings too.

Faiq Lodhi December 09, 2012
Congrats on this morose day to you,

Where the sky is a shade of gloomy blue,

And birds rarely sing perchance, they attract glee,

While everyone roams around in utter frenzy.


Congrats to you and your sterile emotions,

To your faithless love and your empty notions,

To your lifeless joy and your proud modesty,

To your useful religion and your puritan negativity.


Congrats on having a mind cunning in all might,

Congrats on having a heart colder than ice,

Congrats on ruining houses, destroying love,

And posing it to be a commandment sent from above.


Congrats in losing the little warmth left in you,

In being cleansed of all human feelings too,

On successfully becoming a machine at work,

On losing your humanity with all your worth.


In the metropolitan city of Karachi, the idiot box announces some event everyday. It sends a shiver down my spine when I hear about how inhumane people are in reality and how much frustration and hatred is brewing in this nation of the pure. From sectarian killings, violence against minorities, aggression with women to day to day crimes, there is not a single form of breach against human rights which Pakistan is yet to experience.

The irony is that even after all the sorrow and the grief, the funerals and the soyems, the vengeance and the injustice, there is so much of desensitisation amongst the people that those who are not affected by these crimes are living a happy-go-lucky life. They are oblivious to the consideration that what happened to their neighbours today, can happen to them as well in the future.

This piece of writing is for all those who have worked towards or believed in sectarian killing, molesting the minority strata and harassing all those who cannot voice their rights. This is for all those anonymous faces that destroy this nation every day, and would not stop until the country itself becomes anonymous. And lastly, this is for all those people who will read this post, like or share it, and move on without giving it any second thought or even showing a sign of discomfort. This is for all of us who are not willing to voice their opinion against this inhumanity.
Faiq Lodhi A journalism grad and news-buff, his interests include current affairs, arts, literature and social work. He tweets as @FaiqLodhi (
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N. Akram | 11 years ago | Reply Well written, Faiq. At least we have some people who feel the discomfort.
Zubair Ashraf | 11 years ago | Reply Correction in paragraph 4, line 3 of the my comment, 'Shia and Sunni cannot be together...' 'Not' was not entered mistakenly. Sorry!
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