You think you look hot? Ask the guys!

It’s a common myth that men generally don’t agree with women’s fashion choices. Let's put this myth to test!

Hani Taha October 04, 2012
It’s a common myth that men generally don’t agree with women’s fashion choices. We wanted to put the myth to test and see how the verdict of a female fashion expert tallies up against the opinion of regular guys.

So, meet the boys.


Essa Malik

28, is a graphic designer and photographer who likes all things beautiful. He is currently single.

Taha Farrukh

28, plays the Xbox for a living and works as a Finance Advisor in his free time. A globe-trotter who samples all kinds of cuisines, but draws the line at escargots. He is married.


Shaheryar Popalzai

28, is a journalist by day and pseudo-punk by night. He is engaged.

The Guru, Hani Taha

has worked as a fashion journalist at The Express Tribune and is currently a graduate student at Syracuse University.

About Juggan

Essa: Someone as pretty as her should be faring much better, but here we go: The kurta is UGLY. Both the colour and the pattern bring the outfit down. Also looking like it has not been ironed doesn’t help her cause. The hair and make-up are very lack-lustre, a far cry from the uncontrived look she might be trying to achieve.

Taha: Juggan always has a youthful look about her. However, this is not her best look, as the shirt is on the crumpled side and maybe a little too casual.

Shaheryar: What was the occasion? This dress reminds of the falooda I had yesterday. ‘Nuff said.

The Guru: Okay, it’s official. Juggan Kazim needs a stylist. This pink spring-in-bloom effort just doesn’t become someone who is the brand ambassador for a beauty brand. Dress as you please when you’re off to school to pick up your child, but wearing something as frumpy as this kurta is just begging for the fashion police to hunt you down.

About Mehreen Syed

Essa: A very fresh and simple look, which she carries off with elegance. The shoes look utterly painful to wear but she carries them well.

Taha: She looks very pretty as usual, with her loose curls and natural make-up. Her clothes are simple and a very cool colour, which gives her a youthful look. Those shoes look painfully high however! I feel for her feet.

Shaheryar: No wow factor here, no double-take. The hair looks nice though.

The Guru: Model-turned-entrepreneur Mehreen Syed makes the perfect poster child for a cool sublime summer. In a virgin white and royal blue geometric pattern kameez that adheres to the upcoming trend of a higher hemline, she looks classic without a make-up or accessories overkill. Good job, MS!

About Rachel


Essa: I’m not a fan of the colour combination. The black and the green are just fighting with each other and that brings the entire dress down. The make-up looks very plastic and it seems like she is trying really hard to get the Barbie look which does not suit her.

Taha: Not much to comment on. The look is nothing to write home about and the dress could probably be from any other women’s clothing shop.

Shaheryar: What was the point of the sleeves with this dress? Also, instead of that watch, maybe a bracelet would have been nice. The peep-toe shoes make her feet look trapped. LET THEM BREATHE.

The Guru: Model Rachel looks way too much like a Lahori aunty at a soiree. The drooping hemline has become quite passé with fashion insiders, if not with society at large, and the stark white watch clashes oddly with her black and green ensemble. Also the whole outfit drowns her fun personality and makes her look older than her years.

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