Fashion: Guys vs the Guru

Fashionable or not? Here are some men who call it as they see it.

Hani Taha August 30, 2012

It’s a common myth that men generally don’t agree with women’s fashion choices. We wanted to put the myth to test and see how the verdict of a female fashion expert tallies up against the opinion of regular guys.

So, meet the boys

Essa Malik: 28, is a graphic designer and photographer who likes all things beautiful. He is currently single.

Taha Farrukh: 28, plays the Xbox for a living and works as a Finance Advisor in his free time. A globe-trotter who samples all kinds of cuisines, but draws the line at escargots. He is married.

Shaheryar Popalzai: 28, is a journalist by day and pseudo-punk by night. He is engaged.

The Guru, Hani Taha has worked as a fashion journalist at The Express Tribune and is currently a graduate student at Syracuse University 

About Meera:

Essa: This dress is testament to the fact that what might look good on the runway may not translate as well in real life. The dress does nothing for Meera’s figure and the sleeves are just wrong.

Taha: I am speechless, and not in a good way! Looks more like a desi kurti (and she forgot the pants) than a dress in itself. By far one of her worst looks.

Shaheryar: Wow, those are massive bell sleeves. Someone please tell Meera jee these were in fashion back in … I don’t even remember when they were in fashion. 

The Guru: This black and beige Sadaf Malaterre creation doesn’t do much for Meera. It’s nice but somehow Meerajee kills it with those terrible bronze shoes and a predictable black clutch. The hair and make-up don’t do much to help the cause. 

About Saima:

Essa: This dress screams effortless sophistication. The use of black and white is perfect, with the hairstyle and makeup balancing the whole look. 

Taha: She looks stunning. The whole look is very classic and chic, with the tailored pants and white top. The red lipstick with the sideswept hair give her a very glamorous look.

Shaheryar: Elegant. Plus you can’t go wrong with black and white.

The Guru: You really can’t go wrong with a classic monochrome — black pants and white top ensemble. It may not spell out red carpet glamour as a ball gown, but it certainly says chic sophistication. (And if you recall, the reigning queens of chic couture Sana Safinaz brought this backless wrap-a-round top onto the ramp earlier this year at the recently resurrected Fashion Pakistan Week). Overall the look is immaculate and elegant.

About Mathira: 

Essa: Although Mathira has a raw sexuality, it does not show in this badly thought-out look. It’s more coffee date casual than red carpet oomph. She should’ve paid attention to her hair and makeup, and maybe used a different purse instead of that oversized bag.

Taha : Can’t decide on this one. Mathira just might be pulling it off. Looks edgy and casual.

Shaheryar: MC Hammer called, he wants his pants back.

The Guru: Now if only we could strip her of those garish sunglasses, jewellery, bags and chappals, this outfit would be a winner for Mathira’s bold, nonchalant personality, and a downright hot look for a day out. Psst! If you can pull them off, harem pants are the LBDs (little black dress) for a wardrobe crisis for casual events.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, August 26th, 2012.
Hani Taha Hani Taha is a journalist by profession who fervently reports on popular culture, depicting a softer image of her country. She tweets @taha_hani.
The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necassarily reflect the views and policies of the Express Tribune.


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