5 Pakistani men we also envy

A Q Khan's beautiful hair, rugged face and brawny forearms make you want to recite the periodic table all day long.

Bina Shah August 16, 2012
Inspired by this bizarre article in The Express Tribune called 'Five Pakistani women we envy'

Every man has had a crush on another man at some point in their lives. Before you start beating your breast and wailing “Oh my god, that’s sick”, calm down and take it in the light-hearted spirit in which women are expected to embrace the concept of ‘girl crushes’. 

The following five Pakistani men are so fabulous and so amazing that we’d be surprised if you haven’t crushed on them at some point in your life.

1.     Quaid-e-Azam

This amazing man created Pakistan and looked totally amazing while doing so. His rangy height and sculpted cheekbones wouldn’t look out of place on any runway ramp anywhere in the world. Put together with his daring fashion sense – those stylish sherwanis, Jinnah caps and spiffy suits from Savile Row – and his gorgeous accessory, trophy wife Ruttie Jinnah, we can’t help but envy how awesome he looked while creating Pakistan and then dying of consumption, leaving the country in a chaotic mess.

2.     Dr A Q Khan

The father of atomic bomb chic, this mysterious man leaves hearts aflutter with his mysterious demeanour.  Not to mention those totally amazing Ray-Ban shades which he rocks whether he’s fathering our nuclear program or selling our nuclear secrets to Iran and North Korea. His salt and pepper hair, rugged face, and brawny forearms make you want to recite the periodic table all day long. He’ll blast his way into your heart and leave it thrumming with radioactive energy for many half-lives to come.

3.     Shahid Afridi

Afridi’s boyish good looks, street-urchin charm, and special relationship with the English language have won him hearts the world over. He can even make those hideous lime-green Pakistan cricket team uniforms look good. Don’t you envy his international jet-setting lifestyle, his hobnobbing with the world’s best sportsmen and his devotion to good causes such as the elimination of dandruff? Sure, he may be known as a complete diva b****, but at least he gets the job done – and does it well.

4.     Altaf Hussain

There are no words to describe the amazing-ness of this amazing man. You know you want to live in London and command the devotion and loyalty of millions of people in Karachi, just by calling them up on the telephone and letting them listen to your melodious voice. The hairstyle, the Ray-Bans, the starched Junaid Jamshed kurtas make him the envy of every man in Pakistan. If you met him at a party, you wouldn’t be able to even talk, you’d be so struck by his magnificent aura.


5.     Imran Khan

Here we come to the biggest man crush of all. The king of bromance, the lord of brotherly love. You cannot move when Imran Khan is in the room. His masculinity, his broad shoulders, his noble demeanour just paralyses every man in a five mile vicinity, making them take leave of their senses and prostrating in front of his sultry face, toned body, and amazing pompadour. This man could be wrapped in a garbage bag and still look good. Look how he goes around the world and conquers women of all nationalities. If only we had his life.


*Inspired also by a recent news item where a reporter recently asked Hilary Clinton what clothes designers she favoured.

The Secretary of State replied,
"Would you ask that question of a man?"

The reporter had to say,
"No. No, I probably wouldn't."

Seriously, isn't it time we valued women for their achievements, instead of their youth, beauty, and sexuality?

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Omar | 11 years ago | Reply @Bina Shah the writer. one of your new posts says this about the troll (the ppl with most likes on your page who dont agree with your opinion) the ire of several dozen internet trolls who branded me as the blogger who “supports nudity”. well just go up and read your own statements and wording about the women who wear veils and should not be wearing it because in Pakistan even the prostitutes wear them u said and i qoute and why is it so hard for you to admit your short comings how will you ever learn? Alas. us trolls for speaking the demonic words of veils and cloth. shame on us
Omar | 11 years ago | Reply @san: Couldn't agree more. Was reading another article of the same writer and it was closed for commenting and it was really hurting (the post was named "Nudity, Niqab and the illusion of ‘free choice’ ") well all i could see bina talking about and other tribune blogger is women empowerment, women being slaves to men and the horrific veils and this monstrosity of a world asking the women to cover their bodies what an unearthly planet has it become. Where is the humanity? Well to be honest I visited here for some good reads but all i find is political, gender, and even the opinion biasing The posts have been somehow crafted to make someone or some targeted group or audience who most probably are sitting in their farm houses not even giving a damn about her. So seriously Bina you like aura of Altaf hussain and you want women going commando (naked) if you may. you talk about free will and then try to brain wash their free will by calling them @$%^ cause even @$%^ and prostitutes wear a veil. and i find people will irrelevant and poor comments fighting like 4 years old girls for their barbies and presenting their childish debate-like points like grown ups. For all I could say is that this whole blog is biased and I say it with true heart hurting to see an independent media that you guys wanted and misusing it. come on grow up okay we know now that you dont like those mullas and all but dont you go kamikaze upon the well mannered and well cultured women. Yes there may be prostitutes dressing up in veils too, doesnt mean all of them are prostitutes like all the girls wearing jeans are not (the point you wanted to prove but failed rigorously) The biased role has also been observed in an article about a scientist and a national hero who was and is well received by the country till he being a free man chose to leave his country over his personal opinions (gave importance to his beliefs rather than country) no one disowned him but himself from the country. but the blame is put on Pakistan govt and sharia. well I would also like you to go visit the basics of Islam?sharia like you cant skip to Ph.D directly from montessori . the same way you cant like be called a muslim if u dont even believe in the basic of the basic essence and most important step of your faith. being said so he is still a hero who chose to leave his country. and there one @Laura commenting to a person like she will order drones to his house the next day for being a little touchy about his beliefs. why isn't he free to think what he thinks.while the writer like most writes of this blog bring a social problem which are faced in all over the world not just Pakistan yet everyone makes it like an issue US should come and put an end too. dont mix the religion to a social problem. and by the way even the women who dress like almost naked in the US who you so admire are called sluts whores and prostitutes in their country. which concludes that men want their women to be covered and i say covered not like a tent but like a lady not because ppl will see the diamond he gifted her and engraved on her thigh of between her breasts but to preserve the respect and beauty of their women and its the same reason women agree or choose to wear it. Thank you. May GOD bless you all including the writer and bless us all with a sound mind a positive one.
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