Time I killed, time that killed me

In utter distaste I did'nt make haste, and an excess of my time, hence, I laid to waste.

Hassan Altaf August 18, 2012
Time; the constant variable,

Time; the very inevitable,

Time; which stops for none,

Like a tide,

Time; no heed for us it glides,

Time; which I valued not,

Time; about which I forgot,

Times on which I was careless,

Time which I thought I had,

And the very thought made me,

Practically fearless.

Times at which I was worthless,

Heckles, reckless,

In my laziness,

In my craziness,

In a hazed state,

In utter distaste,

I didn't make haste,

And an excess of my time, hence,

I laid to waste.

In my final testament, however,

I must say to endeavour,

I killed time,

And it returned the favour!

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Hassan Altaf Studying Bachelor's Of Arts at Punjab College, Faisalabad. He enjoys reading and writing poetry and idolises Hunter S. Thompson and George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair). He tweets @WattuSb
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