My fragile house of cards

My life was a house of cards, and I always had a foreboding feeling, that it would fall apart.

Hassan Altaf October 09, 2012
My life was a house of cards,
And I always had a foreboding feeling,
That it would fall apart.

Apart like broken window shards,
Or like the pieces of a broken heart,
And one day when I had least expected,
The cards toppled and I could not help it.

I struggled with it and with myself,
And in it I found little pleasures.

My queens now were further apart,
They'd been my gossipers and backbiters,
but now they were busy, in making the house.

And my jacks were now more lumber-jacks,
And not anymore vehement and unyielding fighters,
Putting all their energy to gather logs,
To assist was now one of their new jobs.

My kings were now agile and lost their attitude,
And got out from their life of fortitude,
Into the open,
And worked towards building new ties,
Which is not easy although one tries.

My jokers could not do much,
And they had to do something too,
So they came up with jokes from time to time,
And all my resources, my kings jacks and queens,
Could not help but laugh a little too.

And time, hence passed while all my forces,
Worked together towards a target,
And with all that help from them,
And I will not forget the part each played,

I now have a castle,
A palace of cards,
And am very glad that,
All my hassle,
Finally paid off.

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Hassan Altaf Studying Bachelor's Of Arts at Punjab College, Faisalabad. He enjoys reading and writing poetry and idolises Hunter S. Thompson and George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair). He tweets @WattuSb
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