A president puts people first, not his comfort!

“He is the president and he is supposed to provide relief to the people … not annoy or disturb them”.

Shezad Baloch August 23, 2012
It was a normal day in the city and roads were open for traffic. Not a single person could be found expressing resentment over the visit of the most important person of the United States of America, in the wake of foolproof security measures that had been taken.

Yes, I am talking about President Barack Obama. He visited Kirkwood Community College where I am currently enrolled in a programme to learn about American culture and language. President Obama addressed a large audience in a hall located on the premises of the college, which stretches across 680 acres. However, while security was on high alert and people were thoroughly searched before entering the hall, no inconvenience was caused to the general public.

“So, there will be no classes?” I asked a teacher prior to the president’s visit. “No, classes will take place,” she said with a broad smile. “The only area that will be sealed off is Jones Hall where the president will deliver his speech.” I was surprised to witness that the president’s visit did not create any problems for the general public and not a single person complained about the visit causing traffic jams or any kind of disturbance. “He is the president and he is supposed to provide relief to the people … not annoy or disturb them,” another teacher said.

The teachers were stunned when I informed them that in Pakistan, a woman gave birth to her child in an auto rickshaw in Quetta because she could not reach the hospital in time due to the fact that all roads had been blocked in order to ensure security for the president.

I know that people may find it amusing to compare the US with our poorly governed country. But our rulers need to learn from developed countries when it comes to taking the safety and comfort of citizens into consideration.

Security was tightened in the college with the deployment of snipers, secret service personnel and police, but in an organised manner.

Living in Quetta and Karachi, I have often witnessed people becoming angry whenever a VIP comes to visit as all routes are sealed causing massive traffic snarl-ups. The VIP security arrangements should be organised in a way that should not cause any inconvenience to ordinary citizens.

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Shezad Baloch A research journalist and former Express Tribune correspondent. He tweets as @shezadbaloch (https://twitter.com/Shezadbaloch)
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Opzzzzzzzzz | 11 years ago | Reply @Farooq: Wrong Pakistan is a Rich country that is why a Criminal is our President he only Became rich by making people like u a Fool . Thats is why he is rich > when he or any Minister have to go somewhere or even pass , they maybe passing by in the evening but the roads get blocked in the morning causing many difficulty to go to Office & schools . so if we miss a day at work is he paying our bills , No but the bills get higher every month . forget other countries President Lets look at our OWN .Criminals are running & ruining this Rich Country Pakistan
A.Sathyamurthy | 11 years ago | Reply In South Asia all VIPs and elected legislators assume royalty and act like kings, looking down upon the public as scum. In the West the leaders are aware of the rights of the people. When will we learn? This kind of maturity in the leadership in Asia is a dream that is not likely to come true for generations!
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