All I ask for is two drops

The oasis knocks at my door, with the two drops I seek, but my water, I'm denied, by the whispers of the unknowing.

Faraz Talat July 21, 2012
They whisper of demons that lurk in water
the secrets it holds, the lies

I thirst...

The oasis knocks at my door,
With the two drops I seek
But my water, I'm denied
By the whispers of the unknowing

I thirst...

Helpless before this treason,
Of whispers I cannot stop,
The word you utter is a plague,
The vengeful cackle of pox,

I thirst, I wait...

In the lonely hills of the west,
That sanity long forsake,
No water to be seen,
In the empty nest of my dove,

The oasis knocks at my door,
They've hidden away the key,
My water has been swallowed,
By the barrels of their guns,

Lo, a vanguard of toddlers,
Whom warriors cower behind,
We, the bucklers of the weak,
A crutch for the feeble,

It comes...

From the smoke of war, it looms,
The bane of a dervish, a dream-eater,
The daughter of hubris and damnation
I lay paralysed, by fear and dread

The oasis knocks at my door,
But the wretched gale seeps through.

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Faraz Talat

The writer is a doctor based in Rawalpindi and writes about current affairs and societal issues.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necassarily reflect the views and policies of the Express Tribune.


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