She left me on my wedding day

How could I trust her given that she walked out on me all the time? How could I have been so stupid?

Shan Nasir July 24, 2012
We had been together since forever. I always respected her and cared for her feelings. It was a perfect relationship between us. I still can’t live without her.

Whenever she'd get angry, she would stop talking for a couple of hours; my whole body would go tense and I would sweat like crazy after. She had given me light all my life. Sometimes she mysteriously disappeared but always came back to me.

A couple of days ago, she went missing for a good two days. I called her house many times, but there was no answer.

I found out that she had been at another man’s house for the time period she went MIA (missing in action). I was heartbroken. Words cannot describe the misery I underwent.

But then her father, Mr Ashraf, said that she had made a mistake and was regretful of her actions,
“She will never leave you again, I promise.” He assured me.

So once again I gave her a place in my heart generously because I loved her.

Her family never treated me with respect either. Whenever I called at her PTCL number, her brother would rudely command me to be patient. I never understood what that meant to be honest.

Then came my wedding day. All was set. I was dressed in a three piece suit, she looked so pretty shimmering and glittering.

All of a sudden, without informing anyone, she left me. No one knew where she had gone or when she would return. I thought this would be one of her mood swings and that she'd be back soon.

6:00pm. 7:00pm. 8:00pm. No sign of her.

Everything was dark around me now. My world was shaking. I felt like dying. How could I trust her given that she walked out on me all the time? How could I have been so stupid?

My friends were right. I should have never taken her back. Fool I was.

Then somebody said,
‘Bhai aap nai KESC mai complain kardi thi naa?’

(Brother, did you file a complaint with KESC?)

And at that very moment, my world was lit up again, following which I heard a cunning voice whisper in my ear:
Sorry love, I was stuck with Clifton.

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Shan Nasir Is an IBA graduate having interned at Sanofi Aventis, Engro Foods and The Citizens Foundation. He strongly believes that individuality and free thinking should not be penalised in the land of the pure. He tweets @shannasir
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J.K | 11 years ago | Reply This is my favorite ever tribune piece. Even after almost 2 months, I am still reading it!
Lams | 11 years ago | Reply Clever piece of writing!
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