PTI and Marvi: A love story turned sour

Imran's supporters need to realise that PTI and Marvi weren't a match made in heaven. They need to move on!

Khurram Zia Khan March 22, 2012
When the PML- Q joined hands with the current PPP government, Marvi Memon took a stand (along with some other MNAs and MPAs of her party) and decided not to join the federation. She even went a step ahead and tendered her resignation from the National Assembly.

This move improved her image in the public eye and people began to feel that she will take revolutionary steps in politics; that she will use her political standing for the people of her country.

Political analysts and critics were of the view that Marvi Memon will join the PTI after she left her parent party. But due to her differences with the PTI leadership, she did not do so.

A few months ago when she held a jalsa is Sindh along with the region’s renowned journalist Qazi Asad Abid, it was thought that she will launch a new political party. But that did not happen either.

Earlier this month, Memon surprised her critics and supporters by announcing her decision to join the PML-N. I was really disappointed; I don’t think the PML-N is serious about solving the problems of the common man. Despite being in rule in Punjab for more than four years, they have been unable to fulfill their promises.

While I am critical of Memon’s move like many others, I disagree with those who are out to malign her. Differences of opinion always exist, but sadly, we find it hard to accept this.

In particular, PTI’s disgruntled approach from the day Memon joined PML-N  is proving to be extremely immature. The party is not letting any chance to criticize her slide.

A recent example of PTI’s frustration is their reaction to Memon’s appearance on a private channel’s show. Even before the show went on air, I started receiving text messages from PTI supporters; I even received one from PTI’s official message center urging its supporters to watch the program, stating:
Must watch Marvi Memon exposed by Shahzeb Khanzada in ‘To the Point’  on Express News at 8:05 PM tonight


After the show, I continued to receive messages that boasted the anchor’s capability of rendering Memon speechless.

I feel that the party displayed immaturity in handling the situation. It is high time for the PTI to move on and shake off the displeasure evidently felt by them after Memon announced her decision.  People must realise that politicians are free to join any other party; the PTI must realise that all defectors will not join theirs.

Despite its message of change, PTI’s reaction shows that it is no different from the established parties that display intolerance when it comes to differences of opinion.  Just like them, the PTI is not willing to respect another's decisions or views regarding the political arena.

Many people are looking towards PTI to change the political landscape of Pakistan. In this situation, PTI should be more careful about its statements so it does not disappoint hopefuls.

I am also a supporter of PTI, but I am disappointed by the party’s sudden show of intolerance. If PTI is really looking to bring a positive change in the country, they must run serious campaigns via social media and other relevant mediums to infuse and enhance the level of tolerance of its supporters and workers. There are already some columnists and anchors who criticised the party for using foul language.

My humble advice to PTI would be to move ahead; to forget Marvi Memon and focus on strategising an agenda to bring the change the party has been so enthusiastically advocating.

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Khurram Zia Khan The writer is the media manager of Asiatic Public Relations and tweets @KhurramZiaKhan (
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Paki | 12 years ago | Reply PTI has great plans for the Future INSHALLAH many should follow them... they are better then most parties, maybe even the best party out there....PTI wants change and thats what our People need. Pakistan needs to understand that no party is 100% perfect but PTI is Pretty close...they think about the future, the kids. That’s why they should deserve a clean sweep and INSHALLAH aisa hi hoga.
ajmal khan | 12 years ago | Reply PTI the so called party of the youth, yet youth are only online members of this party. Not a single member who is between the age of 22 to 32 is being awarded PTI ticket to contest general elections....this party could have been so much more than what it has become...after the lahore jalsa all politicians who had no options left joined this party in hope of coming back into power....i was imran khans supporter and now i hope that this party to fail miserably in elections so that that these so called electables would leave imran and join another party....
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