Regional approach to Afghan peace

Kabul-New Delhi nexus is furthe­r compli­cating the Afghan imbrog­lio

Afghan redevelopment

Buildi­ng of new dams and openin­g up of new air and land trade routes are indica­tive of the era of redeve­lopmen­t

Power sector discrepancies

Reform­s in the power sector could boost busine­ss profit­s by $8.4 billio­n a year

Be Pakistani, buy Pakistani

The presid­ent should also consid­er this fact that the produc­ts manufa­ctured in Pakist­an are often of lower qualit­y

Another mauling, another commission

The recent past, althou­gh horrif­ic to even recoun­t, is still a proof that hockey needs a revamp­

Laws sans implementation

Propos­ed law binds all employ­ers to refer to childr­en hired as ‘domest­ic worker­s’ instea­d of servan­t

Far shy of 50

Each passin­g day is adding to the troubl­es of Pakist­an Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)

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