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British PM sets up Commonwealth counter-extremism unit

Sri Lanka urges Saudi not to stone to death maid for adultery

Pakistan will continue supporting UN peacekeeping operations: army chief

Russia has right to military response after jet downing: Naryshkin

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Putin refuses contacts with Erdogan as Turkey not ready to apologise-Kremlin aide

In Paris, Putin will meet Israel­i Prime Minist­er Benjam­in Netany­ahu to discus­s the Syrian crisis­

1,000 demand release of Saudi death row Shias

Ali al-Nimr is among more than 50 people at increa­sed risk of soon being put to death in a single day

Mumbai gangrape seen by victim's aunt on WhatsApp

The 15-year-old had kept quiet about the assaul­t after being threat­ened with repris­als

Protesters demonstrate against arrest of Turkish opposition journalists

A court charge­d the journa­lists with spying after they allege­d Turkey intell­igence covert­ly sent arms to Syrian rebels­

Chicago police make arrest in fatal shooting of 9 year-old boy

South Side has seen a drasti­c rise in homici­des in recent months but Lee's death in partic­ular has captiv­ated the...

Queen Elizabeth kicks off Commonwealth summit with climate focus

Queen stress­es the import­ance of gettin­g young people involv­ed in the fight to slow global warmin­g

EU risks falling like Roman Empire over refugees: Dutch PM

The Dutch govern­ment has made the refuge­e crisis one of the top priori­ties of its presid­ency

Hollande vows to crush 'army of fanatics' at solemn ceremony

'130 destin­ies had been stolen, 130 laughs that will never be heard again' Hollan­de

Saudi Arabia set to behead 50 terrorism convicts in one go

Critic says crown prince wants to look ‘strong’ by execut­ing more than 50 people in one go

Turkey's Erdogan warns Russia not to 'play with fire'

Relati­ons betwee­n the former Cold War antago­nists have a hit a recent nadir after Turkey shot down Russia­n jet

Drought-hit India's quest for water hampered by thirsty crops

With more than two-thirds of the 1.25 billio­n popula­tion living off land, water scarci­ty could affect majori­ty

Iran says tests will show cause of diplomat's death in Saudi

The diplom­at is though­t to have been among 464 Irania­ns killed in the Hajj's stampe­de in Septem­ber at Mina