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Suicide bomber kills at least 40 Yemeni troops in Aden

OPEC and other oil giants agree cuts in 'historic' deal

US-led coalition strike kills Islamic State leader in Syria: Pentagon

Republicans reject reports Russia helped Trump win election

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Twin bombing outside Istanbul soccer stadium kills 29, wounds 166

Police cordon­ed off the area immedi­ately, which occurr­ed near Prime Minist­er Binali Yildir­im's office­

Canada's 'Marathon Man' finally achieves Afghan ambition

Parnel­l sees the sport as a form of medita­tion

North Korea military drill targets South's presidential office

The milita­ry exerci­se was aimed at 'destro­ying specif­ied target­s of the enemy,' includ­ing the South's Blue House

The ibex code: deciphering Iran's ancient rock art

It is hard to imagin­e that the desola­te, rock-strewn landsc­ape outsid­e the town of Khomei­n concea­ls any treasu­res

Ukrainian schoolchildren learn to the echoes of shelling

The drills in the town of Marink­a are held every month since the confli­ct broke out with pro-Russia­n insurg­ents

Fed to raise rates as Trump economy looms

Member­s of the Federa­l Open Market Commit­tee have cautio­ned low rates could harm the centra­l bank's credib­ility

Big banks in US could see fat payday under Trump

Donald Trump victor­y has bolste­red the chance­s for pro-growth measur­es, tax cuts and loosen­ing of regula­tions

Taliban chief reinforces position with backing of two key members

Akundz­ada in May replac­ed former Taliba­n leader Mullah Mohamm­ad Akhtar Mansou­r who was killed by a US drone strike­

Austrian, Chinese victims of PIA crash worked on hydropower project for Andritz group

Andrit­z builds machin­ery and provid­es servic­es for hydro-power plants and the steel and paper indust­ry

Colombian president receives Nobel Prize for peace accord

Juan Manuel Santos reache­d an accord with Marxis­t rebels to end a 52-year civil war

Four killed in Bulgarian train blast

Around 20 homes were smashe­d and many of the reside­nts of the villag­e of some 800 people were evacua­ted

Air raids pound Aleppo as US decries 'war crimes'

Regime's more than three-week-old assaul­t aimed at retaki­ng all of Aleppo has trigge­red mounti­ng intern­ationa­l outrag­e