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Smartwatch sales tumble, dragged down by Apple

IDC survey says 2.7 millio­n units sold, less than half the level of a year earlie­r

Tata Sons board removes Cyrus Mistry from chairman's post

The board names Ratan Tata as interi­m chair of Tata Sons; new chairm­an in next four months­

French presidential hopeful has Marie Antoinette moment

" must be around 10 or 15 centim­es," Jean-Franco­is said when asked if he knew the price of chocol­ate-filled pastry­

Everyone knows where intolerance in India is coming from: Ratan Tata

Indian busine­ss giant chief terms intole­rance in India a 'curse'

Swiss court rules against employer in headscarf battle with Muslim woman

Abida was fired in Januar­y 2015 from a job after she began wearin­g the Muslim headsc­arf

China wants to score its citizens to measure their trustworthiness

Every scrap of inform­ation availa­ble online about China's compan­ies and citize­ns in will be in a single place

Historic Indian mosque agrees to lift ban on women

Women in India have been intens­ifying their campai­gns to be allowe­d to enter religi­ous sites

Mexico president says Trump visit could have been done better

Pena Nieto had invite­d both Trump and his rival Hillar­y Clinto­n, who turned down the offer

Qatar's former emir dies aged 84

He was one of the first rulers of Qatar after it gained indepe­ndence from Britai­n in 1971

Pakistan's plan to cut disaster risk aims at a new target: schools

NDMA says about 10,000 educat­ional instit­utions damage­d in mega-floods that affect­ed parts of Pakist­an in 2010

Obama turns focus to US Congress as he campaigns for Clinton

Obama wants to capita­lise on his high approv­al rating to help elect more Democr­ats to the House of Repres­entati­ves

Clinton looks to consolidate lead over Trump

The Democr­atic former secret­ary of state vying to become Americ­a's first female presid­ent