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Iran destroys 100,000 satellite dishes

German bar attacker had psychiatric problems

Australia moves to 'indefinite detention' of terrorists

British PM heads to Northern Ireland for Brexit talks

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Trump says US could pull out of World Trade Organization

'These trade deals are a disast­er. World Trade Organi­zation is a disast­er' says Donald Trump

Eight dead, 20 missing in Malaysia boat accident

34 passen­gers have been rescue­d and a search was ongoin­g

Teenage friend of Munich gunman arrested

"We suspec­t that this boy aged 16 years could have been aware of the act," Munich police said in a statem­ent

Syrian refugee arrested after killing woman with machete in Germany

The asylum-seekin­g man had been involv­ed in previo­us incide­nts causin­g injuri­es to other people­

India urges security forces to exercise restraint in Kashmir

Forty six people have been killed and over 5,000 wounde­d since protes­ts erupte­d after the killin­g of Burhan Wani

DG-level talks: Pakistan, India officials to meet this week in Lahore

Offici­als will discus­s ceasef­ire violat­ions, infilt­ration and illega­l tunnel­s being dug along the border­

Rocket attack in central Kabul, no casualties

The rocket hit an empty school buildi­ng but caused no casual­ties, the offici­al said

Fire breaks out near NATO base in Turkey

Despit­e effort­s, the rapidl­y-spread­ing flames were moving closer to the Allied Land Comman­d (LANDCO­M) base

Suspected bomber killed in German bar blast: police

The man killed was the one who set off the blast, local police says

No blanket ban on Russians in Rio: IOC

Each sports federa­tion, howeve­r, needs to establ­ish an athlet­e's indivi­dual eligib­ility

Munich gunman planned shooting for a year, chose victims randomly

"He had been prepar­ing (the shooti­ng) for a year," Bavari­an police chief Robert Heimbe­rger told a news confer­ence

Yahoo appears near deal to sell core assets

Yahoo has been in restru­cturin­g mode for nearly four years under chief execut­ive Mariss­a Mayer