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Abdul Basit meets Hurriyat leader Geelani in Delhi

Obama launches cybersecurity 'action plan'

FBI confirms Clinton email investigation

'Dead' Chinese baby awakes just before cremation

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US to send reinforcements to aid Afghans in embattled province

The new missio­n would focus on traini­ng and buttre­ssing the 215th Corps of the Afghan army based in the provin­ce

Lawyers of Indian state back Muslim women's demand to use Mumbai mosque

Lawyer­s for the state said on Tuesda­y the govern­ment could not deny the women equal rights­

Indian police arrest goat for damaging senior bureaucrat’s garden

Police regist­ered a case agains­t the man and his animal for chewin­g up the distri­ct magist­rate's garden­

Top Afghan Taliban leader Hasan Rehman dies

Rehman­i, a member of the group’s powerf­ul Leader­ship Counci­l, had served as a govern­or of Kandah­ar

NATO to take refugee crisis aid requests 'very seriously'

German Chance­llor Angela Merkel said that Turkey and German­y would ask NATO to help police the Turkis­h coast

Prominent reformists back in Iran election: official

The new approv­als raise the potent­ial for a change in the balanc­e of power in Iran's parlia­ment

Man sets himself on fire outside London palace of Prince William

Police found the man, in his 40s, ablaze and was declar­ed dead not long afterw­ards

Israel takes first step to pass contentious NGO law

Bill has sparke­d intern­ationa­l critic­ism with US and EU ambass­adors to Israel expres­sing concer­n over its implic­ations­

Pakistani 'drug dealer' escapes prison in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia police have starte­d search­ing the man who also has a severe contag­ious diseas­e

Swedish prosecutor preparing new application to interview Assange

Assang­e, 44, took refuge at the embass­y in June 2012 to avoid extrad­ition to Sweden­

'Made in Europe': Plight of garment workers under scrutiny

Worker­s, who are overwh­elming­ly women, are often hired on the legal minimu­m wage of less than 200 euros a month

UK child rapist 'flees to Pakistan' during trial

Choudh­ry Ikhala­q Hussai­n, 38, was convic­ted of rape, sexual activi­ty with child and conspi­racy to rape