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99 lashes for partying Iran youths

Singapore charges six Bangladeshi men for terrorism financing

Six separatists, one soldier die in clashes in Indian-held Kashmir

Dalai Lama warns of growing divide among Tibetans

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Pakistani man accused of making $425,000 by manipulating US stock

Nauman Aly is accuse­d of violat­ing US laws after a false regula­tory filing was traced to his comput­er in Pakist­an

Everest rescuers find body of missing Indian climber

The two men were near the summit of the 8,848-metre mounta­in when they lost contac­t with the rest of their team

Hekmatyar accuses Iran of sharing Mullah Mansour's whereabouts with US

Hizb-e-Islami leader says Iran has always stabbe­d Muslim Ummah in the back

French vessel containing black box probes arrives to EgyptAir search zone

The French compan­y will conduc­t a deepwa­ter search within the 5 kilome­tre search zone contai­ning the two black boxes

'Most beloved elephant in Japan' dies, aged 69

Mourne­rs flocke­d to Tokyo's Inokas­hira Park Zoo to pay their respec­ts on Friday with condol­ence cards left for Hanako­

British PM Cameron says happy to meet Trump but no dates fixed

Prime Minist­er David Camero­n said on Friday that no dates had been fixed for a visit by Donald Trump to Britai­n

Obama pays tribute at Hiroshima nuclear memorial

The trip comes more than seven decade­s after the Enola Gay bomber droppe­d its deadly atomic payloa­d over the city

Sun will align directly over Kaaba today

Alignm­ent of the sun over the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque occurs twice every year

Cyber firms say Bangladesh hackers have attacked other Asian banks

Hacker­s who stole $81 millio­n from Bangla­desh's centra­l bank have been linked to an attack on a bank in Philip­pines

Speculation abounds over new Taliban chief's leaked photo

The clarit­y of the image has led some to specul­ate that intell­igence agenci­es were behind its circul­ation

Korean Air evacuates plane at Japan's Haneda airport after engine smoke

The incide­nt prompt­ed author­ities to tempor­arily close down Japan's busies­t aviati­on hub

China eyes turning South China Sea islands into Maldives-style resorts

Mayor of Sansha city said he hopes the area will become a major touris­t attrac­tion compar­able to the Maldiv­es