Thalassaemia patient made Baitul Mal managing director for a day

Published: April 24, 2012

Mohsin sits in the chair of the MD, signing financial documents for the poor and needy patients. PHOTO: THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE


It must’ve felt like a dream, and it did, after Mohsin Khan was made Pakistan Baitul Mal (PBM) Manager Director (MD) on Monday. The 13-year-old thalassaemia major patient had been inspired by PBM MD Zamurrud Khan. 

He got a chance to interact with the real MD, when the latter came to an event where Mohsin gave a dance performance.

“The speech he delivered there had so much love and warmth for children like me who are suffering from thalassaemia. I want to support all such patients in the country,” said Mohsin while talking to The Express Tribune.

As the MD for a day, he signed applications to provide financial support to poor and destitute patients. For a ninth grader, he was well aware about the disease, its causes, symptoms and battles. “I want to become an engineer and for that I am studying very hard. But, my survival depends on getting blood which I usually get it with difficulty,” he said.

His mother Farqana Iqbal said, “It was a very emotional moment when I saw my son sitting on the MD’s seat.” Tears rolled down her cheeks as she managed a smile.

“I pray for his long and a healthy life,” she added.

Mohsin was diagnosed with thalassaemia six months back. His mother, Farqana, has already a lost son to thalassaemia when he was only three and half years old. After his death, the couple learnt that both of them were thalassaemia minor despite the fact that Mohsin’s father has been running a private thalassaemia centre in Karachi. The family was based in Karachi but Farqana shifted to Rawalpindi with her son for his treatment.

“Mohsin’s blood group is A-positive and he often needs blood. I request everyone who reads about him to please donate blood to help rescue my child and help him pursue his dreams,” she said.

On the occasion, Zamurd Khan said soon PBM will establish its own blood bank. He requested people to donate blood to help save lives.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 24th, 2012.

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