‘Lack of micronutrient deficiencies creates complications for mothers and growing children’

Published: April 8, 2012

Topic for the WHD 2012 was ‘Ageing and Health’ with the theme ‘Good health adds life to years’. PHOTO: REUTERS


As a part of the global World Health Day (WHD) celebrations, the The topic for the WHD 2012 was ‘Ageing and Health’ with the theme ‘Good health adds life to years’. were the main topic of discussion.

The topic for the WHD 2012 was ‘Ageing and Health’ with the theme ‘Good health adds life to years’. Speakers at the event took the opportunity to highlight the needs of various micronutrients that are important for ageing healthily as well as to raise awareness on this key health issue.

“The lack of a proper diet and intake of food leads to micronutrient deficiencies, including vitamins, which further creates complications for growing children,” said Dr Inkisar Ali, a leading pediatrician.

The Baqai Medical University Gynecology department’s associate professor, Dr Farrukh Naheed, spoke on the value of various vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. “Iron deficiency is one of the leading causes of complications during pregnancy, which can be mitigated by the use of supplements.”

The day also marked the launch of Pfizer Pakistan’s Health Essentials portfolio, which includes an array of the leading multivitamin supplements of the company. Amongst these are brands which have been present in the local market for decades and have garnered reliability and trust from healthcare professionals and patients alike. “All these brands are innovatively researched to meet the specific needs of vital nutrients that we may lack at different stages of life,” said the company manager, Abdul Majeed.

The event was attended by leading healthcare professionals from different specialised fields, such as pediatrics, gynecology and nutrition. The Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society’s vice president, Fayza Khan, touched upon the role of good nutrition throughout the life cycle. “We should all realise the importance of meeting our daily nutrient and vitamin needs as they play a significant role in our healthy development and ageing.”

The WHD is celebrated annually on April 7 to mark the anniversary of the World Health Organisation’s formation in 1948, with different themes that highlight an area of concern in health.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 8th, 2012.

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