YouTube video of the day: Usman Riaz outshines on 'Saeen'

Published: October 4, 2011

Riaz’s rendition should definitely be added to your music playlist. PHOTO: PR

We all remember Usman Riaz – the Fire Fly wonder whose YouTube video went viral on Facebook and Twitter earlier this year.

Last month, in honour of Junoon’s 20th anniversary, Riaz recorded an instrumental cover of the iconic rock band’s popular number, Saeen.

Riaz’s rendition of Saeen should definitely be added to your music playlist. It’s a solid cover of a brilliant song and will be a treat for Junoon fans.

In another YouTube video, Riaz says he was approached via e-mail by Salman Ahmed, who asked the young Karachiite to be a part of Junoon’s anniversary album.

“I was thrilled and honoured,” says Riaz, adding that he picked Saeen because he was intrigued by how haunting and spiritual the melody was.

“Here is an established musician who feels I’m good enough. I’m not really concerned about fame or recognition but being allowed to recreate Junoon’s music is what I’m grateful for,” Riaz told The Express Tribune.

Video rating: Thumbs up, especially for including the violin!

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