PNS Mehran attack Bodies of Navy, Rangers men arrive

Published: May 24, 2011

The bodies of a Navy officer and two Rangers killed during the attack on the Pakistan Naval Station Mehran in Karachi were due to arrive at the city’s old airport overnight. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

LAHORE: The bodies of a Navy officer and two Rangers killed during the attack on the Pakistan Naval Station Mehran in Karachi were due to arrive at the city’s old airport overnight.

The families of Lieutenant Yasir Abbas and Rangers Khalil Ahmad and Muhammad Akhtar were waiting at the airport late on Monday night. Ahmad was from Shakargarh and Akhtar from Narowal.

Lt Abbas’s funeral will be held at his residence today at House 274, Street 9, Askari 10, Cantonment. Col Syed Jaffar Abbas, the lieutenant’s father, told reporters he was proud of his only son’s sacrifice for his country.

Lt Abbas was due to be married in four months. He was among 12 security personnel killed.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 24th, 2011.

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Reader Comments (11)

  • muhammad adnan
    May 24, 2011 - 11:16AM

    hmmmm, who to call ‘shaheed’ now? must be a dilemna for our fundoos as the people killing our soldiers were also screaming ” Allah ho akbar” and were killing in the path of islam & the soldiers killed were also muslims.This must be a problem for the brains of the fundoos to process.

    it’s much easier for them to blame everything on the yahodis & the qadianis but it’s time we took our heads out of the sand & faced reality,the ones killing thousands of our people believe they’ll get 72 virgins in heaven.It’s time we had a revision of the religious text to take out all glorification of violence & bloodshed & degradation & oppression of women.

    we’ve already lost 32000 of our people to the islamic terrorists,how many more must we lose because of religion??Recommend

  • arif amjad
    May 24, 2011 - 11:18AM

    well,most of our anchors & newsreaders referred to osama bin laden as ‘shaheed’ , so what will we call our fallen soldiers?? will they be ‘shaheed’ enough for our ever-in-denial muslim fanatics?Recommend

  • tanvir zafar
    May 24, 2011 - 11:26AM

    will our public wake up now & recognise that just because a person has a beard doesn’t automatically make him right or good.Our society has a problem that whenever we see a beard or a woman in burka we automatically assume that they must be good,pious people.
    Why don’t we see the misogyny,intolerance,homophobia behind the beards & the burkas?

    These beards/burkas think that just because they follow medieval,rigid religious dogma that they are somehow better than the rest of us.The religious fundos are very self-righteous ever ready to declare which girl is of “good”, “shareef” character & who’s a slut based on whether she hides behind a black tent or covers up her “ever so sinful hair”.

    The beards/burkas need to get out of their self created delusions.They are not better than us & it’s time they realised that.Recommend

  • vigilant
    May 24, 2011 - 11:56AM

    Proud of uRecommend

  • Fahad Raza
    May 24, 2011 - 2:57PM

    We salute you. May Lord accept your sacrifice in Protecting Pakistan.Recommend

  • Imran Ali
    May 24, 2011 - 3:22PM

    Great tribute to sacrifise given by Yasir, khalil,Akhtar & others Recommend

  • May 24, 2011 - 6:38PM

    Proud of u our soldiers.Who sacrifise themselves.Our soldiers show a Great Passion.May ALLAH bless them . And give patience to their families.ALLAH HO AKBAR.Recommend

  • May 24, 2011 - 6:41PM

    I have only these words”May ALLAH bless them,with HIS kindness.ALLAH HO AKBAR.Recommend

  • Nizam Mahfooz
    May 24, 2011 - 7:46PM

    God bless them.

    And may the terrorists rot in hell.Recommend

  • Bangash
    May 24, 2011 - 8:46PM

    God bless the Shaheeds who served their country.Recommend

  • sumeet
    May 25, 2011 - 4:11PM

    as an indian,it gives me immense pain to see when young and brave people of both india and pakistan die due to these bloody terrorist,be it sandip unnikrishan or yasir or khalil.but i think the martyrdom of pakistani officer will go in vain as long as the top brass of military will continue to think the terrorist as stratergic asset.salute to all the departed soul.RIP.Recommend

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