CID arrests four TTP members, including KU student

Published: May 12, 2011

Police arrested the four from Pirabad after an encounter.

KARACHI: CID had arrested four terrorists belonging to the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan during an investigation in Karachi on Thursday.

Talking to the media, CCPO Karachi Saud Mirza named the four terrorists, who had been rounded up from Pirabad after an encounter.

The police had recovered 50 kgs of explosive material, hand grenades, electronic detonators, one light machine gun, 10 grenade launchers and three AK-47 rifles from them.

According to the CCPO, these terrorists were planning to attack a police training center in Saeedabad.

All four are educated, with one of the accused enrolled in Karachi University.

The same group was also involved in the recent Karachi University bomb blast as well.

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