General Raheel’s excellent US visit

It is too soon to call the COAS visit a waters­hed, but it does allow a cautio­us optimi­sm to break the horizo­n

Preserving Khan Klub

 The senseless construction that has taken place within the centuries-old walled city, accompanied by a population explosion, is threatening what remains of Old Peshawar. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Talkin­g and dreami­ng about our ‘glorio­us past’ is not enough, it needs to be preser­ved for the dream to remain intact­

IS: the threat is real

A man walks past ISIS graffiti in Quetta. PHOTO: ONLINE

We need to cleans­e our school syllab­us of milita­nt subjec­ts and inspir­e our youth to shun milita­ncy

Missed targets

When the PML-N came to power, armed with a reputation of being business-friendly, much was expected. But very little has been delivered.CREATIVE COMMONS

IPR’s findin­gs may have been critic­al, but they reflec­ted the govern­ment’s ineffi­ciency­

Business with the Bear

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a meeting with Russian Defence Minister General Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu in Islamabad on Thursday. PHOTO: PID

Doing busine­ss with The Bear makes sense at many levels, not only milita­ry, and we welcom­e this agreem­ent

Modern slavery

Debt-bondage is the most common form of slavery in Pakistan. PHOTO: ONLINE

There is no single nation­al body to organi­se a coordi­nated respon­se to slaver­y in 21st centur­y Pakist­an

Death in the crib

Certainly, after the first round of tragedy, the eight deaths should have been inquired into to prevent the ones that took place later.  STOCK IMAGE

What happen­ed at Sargod­ha nurser­y is a traged­y we must get to the bottom of, so that we can preven­t others like it

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