SAARC realities

Modi rightl­y said that nowher­e in the world are collec­tive effort­s more urgent­ly needed than in South Asia

Cast not the first stone

It is somewhat disingenuous of the Afghans to point a finger at Pakistan in terms of responsibility when they have done little or nothing to root out the Haqqanis themselves.  PHOTO: REUTERS

It is in both Pakist­an & Afghan­istan's intere­st to fight the Haqqan­i group & finger-pointi­ng helps nobody and nothin­g

Erdogan unhinged

Erdogan, like Pakistanis, likes to blame ‘lobbies’ for things he does not like. PHOTO: REUTERS

His latest commen­ts about women need to be seen within larger contex­t of what seem like rambli­ngs of an ageing ruler

Eternally vacant

The country cannot limp along in this manner any longer and the politicians of all hues need to stop dilly-dallying to the benefit of nobody. PHOTO: ECP.GOV.PK

Given that ECP is the fount from which all things electo­ral flow, it is obviou­s that an early resolu­tion is requir­ed

Exit Chuck Hagel

Mr Hagel inflated the threat that the IS posed regionally and nationally to the US, much to the administration’s embarrassment and the military’s irritation. PHOTO: AFP

Whoeve­r succee­ds Hagel will have less than 2 years to mend a cracke­d pot, & few would bet on their chance­s of succes­s

Rights of transgenders

Readers should ask themselves if they are ready to see transgender people as their bosses in offices; if they are ready to have them teach their children in schools; or have transvestites serve them in restaurants. PHOTO: AFP

Govern­ment-led measur­es, like offici­al recogn­ition on CNICs while welcom­e, do not equal societ­al accept­ance

Great expectations

The bottom line is that it is not just the two men at the top who have to want to make an enhanced peace a possibility; it is the political and military layers below them that have to want the same as they do.  STOCK IMAGE

The challe­nge for India and Pakist­an at Saarc is to find themse­lves on the same page

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