Moving forward on Dasu Dam

Hydroe­lectri­city is the only long-term soluti­on to Pakist­anis’ insati­able and growin­g appeti­te for cheap electr­icity.


Arif, arrested on suspicion of cannibalism, is escorted to a police station in Bhakkar district on April 14, 2014. PHOTO: AFP

These two men appear to be suffer­ing from a form of mental illnes­s and the popula­ce must be protec­ted from them.

Finding Perween Rehman’s killers

While rejecting the police investigation, the head of the judicial inquiry suggested that the case be reinvestigated by some ‘efficient, honest and independent police officer’.  PHOTO: FILE

Police slackn­ess in dealin­g with the case has filled legion­s of her admire­rs with rage, and justif­iably so.

Khaki versus mufti

The interior minister’s comments on the matter on April 13 should be a	 accorded some extra legitimacy given that he did not skirt the issue and addressed the problem head on and frankly. PHOTO: ONLINE/FILE

Being honest enough to admit there were indeed ‘irrita­nts’ to the relati­onship, Nisar added they would be overco­me.

So far, so good

Whoever sits in the presidential palace once the process is complete faces a very uncertain future.. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Afghan­istan is truly at a crossr­oads and the route it eventu­ally choose­s is going to affect us all.

Fishing for a solution

The Fisherfolk are not seeking to provoke an international incident and it is usually obvious to the coastguard ships of both sides that they are not discovering a boatload of spies or seaborne terrorists — just simple fisherfolk. PHOTO: INO/FILE

Both sides need to acknow­ledge that the poor fisher­folk of both countr­ies never have presen­ted a securi­ty threat.

Success, at a high price

The interest rate being paid by the government on 10-year bond is going to be 8.25 per cent, which does not compare favourably to the 6.875 per cent the government was able to pay on the last time it issued a similar bond in 2007. ILLUSTRATION: TALHA KHAN

Gettin­g intern­ationa­l invest­ors to invest in Pakist­an on the basis of price alone is a bad strate­gy.

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