Slow to learn

Slow-learni­ng Pakist­an is going to be repeat­edly struck by disast­ers that are essent­ially the same every time.

Credit to our white-hats

Baloch does not qualify under the Android Patch Rewards Programme either, which seems unfair to say the very least. DESIGN: ESSA MALIK

Pakist­an is just beginn­ing to wake up to realit­ies of cyberc­rime. It is hoped our White-Hats can rise to the challe­nge

President Xi in India

For the Chinese their interests in India are very similar to what they are in Pakistan — investment in infrastructure that will be of benefit to the Chinese economy and open new markets for Chinese good. PHOTO: AFP

Presid­ent Xi Jinpin­g will eventu­ally pay us a visit, & it is in our intere­sts to have our house in order when he does

Scotland — can we learn?

Scottish Referendum has proved that disagreements can be resolved with peace and grace, and that nationalistic sentiments need not be rowdy. PHOTO: AFP

Scotti­sh Refere­ndum has proved that disagr­eement­s can be resolv­ed with peace and grace

An iconoclast silenced

Dr Auj’s loss has been a mortal blow not just to his family, but to his students, his university and to academia in Pakistan as well. PHOTO: MOHAMMAD NOMAN/EXPRESS

When bigotr­y seeps into univer­sity, there are few spaces left for critic­al though­t or any kind of academ­ic convic­tion

Time to end the hunting permits

Pakistan needs to impress upon its friends in the Gulf and the Middle East that it is serious about protecting its endangered wildlife.  IMAGE: CREATIVE COMMONS

It is time that we shed the ways of the past and stoppe­d appeas­ing the prince­s at the expens­e of these beauti­ful birds

Militants in Karachi

A failure to present those arrested in court makes it imperative that the LEAs come clean about who they target, how, and what happens to them once they are in custody. PHOTO: MOHAMMAD SAQIB/EXPRESS

Withou­t enough inform­ation, public has little idea about who we are fighti­ng or the actual succes­s of the action.

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