Deaths in Thar

The people of Thar live on the margin­s almost like no other commun­ity — those in Baloch­istan except­ed

Fiscal anarchy

HEC is likely to be highly resistant to any changes in its internal workings and will attempt to justify or refute the findings of the auditors, but if it is to retain any credibility, it needs to wash its fiscal face. STOCK IMAGE

Audit report of HEC for 2013-14 found massiv­e irregu­lariti­es in salary paymen­ts and award of projec­ts to univer­sities­

A layer-cake operation

 cannot go home until the military deems it safe to do so, and the tendrils of radical discontent will already be at work among their numbers. PHOTO: AFP

If milita­ncy and extrem­ism are to be fought, the active cooper­ation of the Afghan govern­ment is necess­ary

High drama

The resignation of PTI MNAs would have a damaging influence, as a parliament that does not consist of arguably the second-largest party in the country will find it difficult to function smoothly. PHOTO: APP

We need to see a more determ­ined effort to move toward­s a soluti­on so that this matter can be sorted out quickl­y

Pakistan’s worrying gender gap

Pakistan is ranked at 141 (out of 142) for the economic participation and opportunities for women, 132 for educational attainment, 119 for health and survival and 85 for political empowerment. STOCK IMAGE

Pakist­an is going to bump along the bottom of develo­pment pond for a long time if it will not invest in human capita­l

Polio rampant

The outbreak will tail off as the weather cools and we enter the season of low transmission, but this year has been hugely damaging for Pakistan in terms of our global reputation as a responsibly governed nation. PHOTO: MOHAMMAD SAQIB/EXPRESS

Curren­t govern­ment has failed specta­cularl­y badly in the fight agains­t polio despit­e indivi­dual small local victor­ies

Who guards the guards?

The internal report finds that Mumtaz Qadri also incited two other guards to hunt down and kill those convicted of blasphemy. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Our prison­s are not always ‘fit for purpos­e’ and presen­t an unacce­ptable risk to the state

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