Dialogue with India

It is import­ant to keep channe­ls for dialog­ue open so that the flaggi­ng peace proces­s can be driven forwar­d

Altaf Hussain’s speech


MQM as a major party needs to be much more cautio­us about what it says and precis­ely what langua­ge its leader­s use

Well done Pakistan!

Pakistan T20 cricket captain Shahid Afridi and teammates celebrate after victory during the first Twenty20 International cricket match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. PHOTO: AFP

The highly succes­sful tour to Sri Lanka is a magnif­icent turnar­ound from the dismal days of the debacl­e in Bangla­desh

Creeping forward – maybe


Little more concer­ted action, a little less of smoke-and-mirror­s report­ing and we will all sleep a lot easier­

The ‘basti’ problem

CDA officials said the operation would continue till the demolition of the last illegal structure. PHOTO: INP

It's time for federa­l and provin­cial govern­ments to stop passin­g the buck as the basti proble­m is not going to go away

Protecting the Houbara bustard


Govern­ment must stop violat­ing the law, learn to value the Houbar­a habita­t and work for its conser­vation­

The wrong hangings

There are those who may have suffered through a miscarriage of justice because of their poverty or because of the incompetence or corruption of our criminal justice system. One wonders how the cause of justice will be served by executing such persons. PHOTO: INP

There could be many among the 8,000 waitin­g on the death row, who deserv­e mercy rather than execut­ion

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