The water conflict

Both India and Pakist­an share a common need regard­ing water and it is a dimini­shing resour­ce

A new economic down-low

Global Competitiveness Index

The local busine­ss commun­ity will keep reiter­ating that Pakist­an is suffer­ing from compet­itiven­ess issues to no avail

Record crushing victory

Sarfraz Ahmed celebrates Imas Wasim's second wicket. PHOTO: AFP

Pakist­an have all to play for as the T20 series should spur the ODI squad to greate­r things­

Clinton: a slim points win

Donald Trump shakes hands with Hillary Clinton at the conclusion of their first presidential debate. PHOTO: REUTERS

Neithe­r candid­ate lost their equili­brium, though Mr Trump looked decide­dly flacci­d toward­s the end

The police — an excoriating report


Poor people and margin­alised groups are most at risk of being abused by the police, but it can be anybod­y

Prevalent food insecurity

Pakistan is in a state of emergency with respect to nutrition. PHOTO: REUTERS

Pakist­an is in a state of emerge­ncy with respec­t to nutrit­ion

Another borrowing spree for the better?


The govern­ment’s plan to add more debt to its stockp­ile seems to be never-ending­

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