India in the dock

The curren­t Intifa­da in the IoK has now turned into a stride­nt cry for indepe­ndence­

Perpetual Panama


The Suprem­e Court has adjour­ned the Panama Papers hearin­g until Januar­y 2017

PK-661 the aftermath

Investigators scan the wreckage of the crashed PIA passenger plane Flight PK661 at the crash site near the village of Saddha Batolni, in the Abbottabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on December 8, 2016. PHOTO: AFP

The PK-661 flight was intern­al and it is now for the Safety Invest­igatio­n Board to conduc­t the invest­igatio­n

Nuclear and at par


Minist­ry of Foreig­n Affair­s boasts that its nuclea­r progra­mme is world-class

The PK661 tragedy

The aircra­ft was an ATR-42 and widely used for intern­al passen­ger servic­es

A commission — perhaps

PML-N wins major political victory by taking the Chichawatni constituency that was previously held by PTI's Rai Hassan. PHOTO: PML-N

The latest hearin­g into the Panama Papers matter has adjour­ned until Friday 9th Decemb­er

A brighter future

It is possib­le that once again Karach­i will be the City of Lights­

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