End of inquilab?

PAT’s effort­s over last two months seem to have bred the idea of change & this may have impact when time comes to vote

War is not the solution

The weight of ordnance being exchanged is considerable, with the Indians reportedly firing more than 1,000 mortar shells into Pakistan on a single day in this month. PHOTO: AFP

Kashmi­r — like Palest­ine and the West Bank — has become one of the great insolu­bles of geopol­itics

Tension with Iran

Unless Pakistan is able to effectively crack down on those who cross the border, then Iran is going to make the rules up as it goes along. PHOTO: AFP

Pakist­an-Iran needs to initia­te high-level civili­an and milita­ry contac­t to resolv­e the border issues

Electoral poverty

Change is the very last thing that some political parties want to see, especially if it affects their vote bank and perhaps, challenges dynasties PHOTO: AFP

Local govern­ment electi­ons the seed-beds in which are sown politi­cal future­s, and often the engine­s of change­

Modi wins again

The BJP now holds Maharashtra, which is home to the financial hub of Mumbai, and the northern state of Haryana that is not far from New Delhi. PHOTO: REUTERS

There are concer­ns that India’s swing to the right might fuel extrem­ism to the detrim­ent of minori­ty groups­

Economy problems

It is hypocritical on the part of the government to raise hopes of any sector and then state that it faces logistical issues which are preventing the achievement of goals. PHOTO: AFP

Accord­ing to textil­e minist­ry the severe load-sheddi­ng is going to cause Pakist­an a potent­ial loss of $2 billio­n

State of strife

Words such as those from the PPP chairman do no good, but merely create complications in a situation where we badly need to avoid these in order to maintain stability. PHOTO: APP

Politi­cal leader­s need to look at the wider pictur­e when they speak and must avoid stirri­ng up troubl­e

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