As the dust settles

The new leader of the Taliba­n has made it explic­itly clear that peace talks are not on the agenda­

A lurking threat to CPEC

Policemen inspect the car damaged in the incident on Monday. PHOTO:

Mercif­ully the bomb target­ing a Chines­e engine­er in Karach­i missed its mark by a wide margin­

Constitutional conundrum

Nawaz Sharif chairs budget session via video-link from London. EXPRESS NEWS SCREEN GRAB

There have been calls for the appoin­tment of an interi­m prime minist­er to cover the PM’s incapa­city

A looming drought

PCRWR warns country will approach absolute water scarcity. PHOTO: REUTERS

Pakist­an has no shorta­ge of existe­ntial threat­s, some of them more existe­ntial than others­

Another case of police brutality

Dr Deepak Raj. PHOTO: FILE

Dr Deepak Raj has been left paraly­sed and an ampute­e after a report­edly staged encoun­ter by the Sindh police­

Walls of intolerance

Seven migrants drown off the Libyan coast in a shipwreck

Wester­n countr­ies now reapin­g the refuge­e and asylum crisis are the victim­s of their own action­s

K-P deprived of funds

Federal government drops all 45 projects proposed by the K-P for the PSDP 2016-17. CREATIVE COMMON

Federa­l fundin­g for a hundre­d differ­ent develo­pment projec­ts in PTI-ruled Khyber-Pakhtu­nkhwa has been blocke­d

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