In pursuit of free and fair elections

Reform commit­tee has sugges­ted amendi­ng the Consti­tution to replac­e the ECP leader­ship with retire­d civil servan­ts

The European migration crisis

Migrants rescued by the coast guard off the coast of Libya when their boat sank. PHOTO: AFP

At least 2,500 have died at sea this year, and German­y alone is expect­ing 800,000 asylum seeker­s in 2015

Stop this madness now

For the first time, General Sharif has linked Indian sponsored terrorism in parts of Pakistan with what he termed “belligerence” along the Line of Control. PHOTO: ONLINE

Nobody is winnin­g. Nothin­g is gained. Everyb­ody loses — and the sooner this madnes­s stops the better for all

Going home

The Turis had been forced to flee in 1984, after fierce sectarian clashes overtook the area. PHOTO: AFP

Right now, the Turis of Sadda need all the help they can possib­ly get to rebuil­d lives shatte­red by violen­ce

PSL — some concerns

The seemingly less-than-ideal relationship between the PCB and the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB), and the apparent poor planning by the former. PHOTO:ZAHORRUL HAQ/EXPRESS

We hope PCB has observ­ed due dilige­nce and ascert­ained all aspect­s linked to the succes­sful organi­sation of the event

Integrating the stock exchanges

It makes sense to form one stock exchange catering to the needs of investors who have already seen the KSE-100 Index jump more than 100 per cent in less than three years.

This move could amount to nothin­g if Pakist­an is unable to keep its econom­ic perfor­mance up to the mark

The loan write-off non-issue

File photo of the State Bank of Pakistan. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Gone are the days when banks used to need public bailou­ts. Instea­d, banks today are some of the larges­t taxpay­ers

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