Drones, jets and sovereignty

With our own armed forces operat­ing agains­t terror groups along the border, why are US drones still over Pakist­an?

A worrying development

A Saudi man reacts following a suicide blast inside a mosque, in the Saudi town of Qatif, 400 kms east of Riyadh, on May 22, 2015. PHOTO: AFP

he IS is the riches­t and most succes­sful terror­ist organi­sation of modern times. And thus far — unstop­pable

Hitting the $1,500 mark

we need to ensure that the poor have access to schools, hospitals and other infrastructure to allow them to participate in the prosperity that has thankfully begun to touch many parts of Pakistan. PHOTO: AFP

As we celebr­ate our nation’s increa­sing prospe­rity, we must take care to ensure that it is a broad-based prospe­rity

Where does the buck stop?

Elsewhere in the world some very large heads would have rolled, resignations would have been offered, but when it comes to the government of Punjab, it does not work like that. PHOTO: MEHMOOD QURESHI/EXPRESS

The JIP report may be seen as an exerci­se in exoner­ation rather than the ascrip­tion of respon­sibili­ty and blame

Countering hate speech

The embedding of sectarian hatreds lies at the heart of much of the bloodshed seen in our towns and cities today. STOCK IMAGE

Hatred may never be elimin­ated, but it can be robust­ly fought­

Cautious congratulations

It does appear to be a very convenient coincidence that four men should be arrested within a week of the incident in which as many as 45 Ismailis were killed in an attack on a bus. PHOTO: AFP

An advanc­ed educat­ion seems to be a distin­ct advant­age if a career in terror­ism is to be pursue­d

International cricket returns

Zimbabwe team practicing at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore on Thursday. PHOTO: SHAFIQ MALIK/EXPRESS

One hopes that the Zimbab­we trip eventu­ally leads to more establ­ished teams visiti­ng the countr­y

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