Rangers operation in Karachi

The law-enforc­ement agenci­es in the city need to addres­s the loopho­les that allow violen­ce to contin­ue in Karach­i

Afghanistan — a new beginning

The fear of growing Indian influence and the Bilateral Security Agreement are all factors that will need to be considered by the Afghan and Pakistani leaderships. STOCK IMAGE

Now is the time to press for cooper­ation betwee­n Pakist­an and Afghan­istan beyond mere statem­ents

Keep the moratorium

Considering that between 60 and 70 per cent of cases initiated in Pakistan are fabricated in whole or part, the possibility of there being a miscarriage of justice with irreversible, fatal consequences is unacceptably high. STOCK IMAGE

We are commit­ted not just to a contin­uation of morato­rium, but remova­l of death as a senten­cing option for judici­ary

Attack on IDPs

Secuirty personel inspecting bomb blast site at a camp for displaced people in Hangu on September 28, 2014. PHOTO: AFP

Blast in Hangu’s Khwaja Muhamm­ad IDP camp is a grim remind­er of the vulner­abilit­ies faced by these homele­ss tribes­men

Deaths in Balochistan

Inasmuch as anything is clear the entire province is touched by violence and decades of distrust — indeed outright betrayal on occasion — and virtually nowhere can be considered safe and secure. PHOTO: STOCK IMAGE

It is diffic­ult not to conclu­de that there is an artifi­cial state of ‘manage­d instab­ility’ in the provin­ce

Some simple advice

The ADB states that economic reforms need to continue for several years for their effect to be translated into progress. Here, the government is looking like it has been cornered while just in its second year. DESIGN: ESSA MALIK

ADB said improv­ement in econom­ic reform­s and improv­ing the securi­ty situat­ion would help revive invest­ment

Where is the writ of the state?

It’s an open secret that people from many areas of K-P travel to these courts to pay extortionists. PHOTO: AFP

Instea­d of denyin­g it, author­ities should probe into the matter and find a soluti­on before the milita­nts grow strong­er

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