Confusion reigns

The parlia­mentar­ians will do well not to stand in the way of the democr­atic proces­s. Let the polls procee­d

A worthless list

Money continues to flow into organisations ‘banned’ or ‘proscribed’ and their literature is widely distributed — as is that of the IS. STOCK IMAGE

Despit­e eviden­ces of IS's presen­ce in the countr­y, it does not appear on the list of banned organi­zation in Pakist­an

Melting away

In Gojal Valley, a number of nullahs have flooded the routes, adding to the misery of commuters. PHOTO: SHABBIR MIR/ EXPRESS

Pakist­an is a frontl­ine state in terms of the downsi­de of climat­e change, and action cannot be deferr­ed

The Taliban in Afghanistan

The IS has expansionist visions, and Pakistan and Afghanistan are high on the agenda when it comes to bringing to reality the caliphate that the IS seeks to establish. ILLUSTRATION: JAMAL KHURSHID

The Afghan Taliba­n will fight hard to keep what they have in both territ­orial and materi­al terms

An uphill task

The Hindu community has filed a petition in the Supreme Court saying that the K-P government has flouted the orders of the apex Court by failing to reconstruct the shrine as was directed. PHOTO: AFP

If K-P admini­strati­on is draggi­ng its feet over recons­tructi­on of temple in Karak, we are not in the least surpri­sed

Unpredictable as always

Sri Lankan cricketer Dimuth Karunaratne (R) and captain Angelo Mathews (2L) run between the wickets as Pakistan cricketer Junaid Khan (2R) looks on during the final day of the second Test cricket match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan at the P. Sara Oval Cricket Stadium in Colombo on June 29, 2015. PHOTO: AFP

Pakist­an have a lot to ponder on in the days leadin­g up to the third Test that starts on July 4

One year of the Islamic State

The IS has in a short period of time positioned itself as arguably the most powerful transnational non-state State in contemporary history. PHOTO: AFP

System based on barbar­ity and a degene­rate ideolo­gy will find it diffic­ult to sustai­n itself for an indefi­nite period­

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