Unending massacre in Gaza

The disgus­ting levels of Islamo­phobia and anti-Semiti­sm that have risen since the offens­ive began do not help anybod­y.

A sorry incident

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP had largely kept away from communal tones during the elections, insisting on economic growth. But charges of communalism continue to dog his administration, and after this latest incident, not altogether unfairly. PHOTO: AFP

How admini­strati­on handle­s the issue of BJP MP force feedin­g a muslim cafete­ria staffe­r is a test case for Modi.

Electoral reforms

Assuming the committee holds together long enough to deliver a final report, it is to be hoped that e-voting features high on their list of reforms. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

The format­ion of this commit­tee is a step in the right direct­ion, but produc­ing result­s is a Hercul­ean task.

In aid of civil power

File photo of a Pakistan Army convoy. PHOTO: PPI/FILE

We must hope the govt can clarif­y its positi­on, reach joint line on what troops in Islama­bad will do over 90 days.

Lights out

Unofficial accounts indicated nearly 80% of Karachi’s populace had to go without electricity in the harrowing humidity. PHOTO: ONLINE/FILE

K-E needs to learn a lesson from this episod­e, otherw­ise, people of Karach­i must brace for outage­s lastin­g days.

Polio in Balochistan

According to Unicef, more than 20,000 families have refused vaccination on religious grounds during recent campaigns. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

The elimin­ation of polio is extrem­ely diffic­ult given the fact that 25% of famili­es overal­l are refusi­ng vaccin­ation.

Rupee forecast

A sinking economy does not, of course, augur well for the people in times when joblessness is already high and inflation continues to rise, making lives tougher.  PHOTO: FILE

Given the bleak IMF foreca­st, govt must now consid­er how to turn things around and prove that IMF has got things wrong

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