No room for complacency

We would advise the govern­ment to fashio­n a carefu­lly choreo­graphe­d strate­gy to tackle the monste­r called terror­ism.

Avoidable child deaths

According to the Pakistan Demographic Health Survey 2012-13, a mere 16 per cent of children in Balochistan are immunised against nine common childhood diseases. PHOTO: FILE

More childr­en can die if the immuni­sation progra­mme does not go ahead.


KMC has been engaged in a much-trumpeted campaign to rid the city of encroachments — except that it appears to be suffering a selective blindness in respect to some of these encroachments. PHOTO: PPI/FILE

The encroa­chment­s are as immova­ble as the mindse­t of those tasked with their cleara­nce.

Get sensible

With around 30 million individual internet connections in Pakistan and growing fast, it was never going to be easy to block access completely — short of shutting down the internet altogether in Pakistan. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

The YouTub­e ban has become a traves­ty, and other nation­s snigge­r behind their hands at silly little Pakist­an.

Powering up

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif along with Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Asif and the Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah unveil the plaque for the 486MW combined cycle power plant at Guddu. PHOTO: PID

There is a sense that the curren­t govern­ment is beginn­ing to get its priori­ties right vis-a-vis the power sector.

The BJP rears its ugly head

If Modi wants to allay the fears of minorities, especially Muslims, he would have to do better than just terming statements by BJP leaders as "irresponsible". PHOTO: AFP/FILE

India’s monike­r of ‘the world’s larges­t democr­acy’ will mean little if its Hindu majori­ty target­s its Muslim...

Back to the old tax code

Most people are unaware of the fact that the tax we know as the General Sales Tax today is in reality the dreaded VAT. PHOTO: FILE

We must beg the questi­on: what reason do we have to believ­e that the old sales tax will solve the proble­m?

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