Burning the house down in protest

The real impact on econom­y will be long-term damage, for which the blame lies square­ly with the PTI and Imran Khan.

Split in militants?

While the TTP has split under the leadership of Mulla Fazlullah, the smaller urbanised groups have aligned with larger groups from the tribal belt excluding both the Waziristans. PHOTO: AFP

If purpos­e is to eradic­ate milita­ncy from its roots, time is ripe to strike the anvil while groups are still disper­sed

Game of Losers

It may take years to recover and the Battle of D Chowk is not over yet. PHOTO: AFP

The incomp­etence and immatu­rity of our politi­cal cadre stood expose­d.

PSL postponed — again

After the delay it has become doubly important for the PCB to take the right steps and win the confidence of the investors by announcing proper road map if they are indeed keen on staging the league. PHOTO:ZAHORRUL HAQ/EXPRESS

By mullin­g too much on making it ‘perfec­t’ the league might never get off the ground.

A damaging turn of events

The real concern at the heart of the matter is dragging the Army into political controversies by political forces PHOTO: ABID NAWAZ/EXPRESS

The real concer­n at the heart of the matter is draggi­ng the Army into politi­cal contro­versie­s by politi­cal forces.

A new target

Militancy is a problem and we will need to deal with it on an urgent basis. STOCK IMAGE

Milita­ncy is a proble­m and we will need to deal with it on an urgent basis.

A culture of impunity

Until the culture of impunity is challenged and brought down the journalists of Pakistan will continue to pay with their lives as they tell the stories that some do not want to hear. PHOTO: STOCK IMAGE

Freedo­m of the press is a concep­t that in many ways in Pakist­an is both partia­l and condit­ional.

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