An unlikely coalition

For the first time there will be a coalit­ion at govt level in IHK betwee­n people of the valley and the people of Jammu

Citizenship for sale

Not all Afghan refugees are terrorists or extremists but some are, and a failure of the primary filter — NADRA — for no other reason than monetary gain by individuals requires the sternest of action.  DESIGN: SUNARA NIZAMI

Nadra has allege­dly issued more than 40,000 CNICs to unregi­stered Afghan refuge­es in the last 10 years

Keep it dirty

What the APC revealed in the harshest of lights is that the very last thing the collected political forces of the country want is transparency and any change to the way they do their dirty business PHOTO: PID

The stillb­orn child of politi­cal reform was quietl­y kicked into the long grass, there to quickl­y fade from memory­

Bureaucratic dithering

A view of Dasu Dam site. PHOTO: INP

It is time the govern­ment dragge­d its bureau­crats — kickin­g and scream­ing, if necess­ary — into the 21st centur­y

Confronting rape

A 65-year-old man allegedly takes her to his guest house, rapes her. PHOTO: AFP

Things do not change overni­ght and until there are focuse­d and sustai­ned effort­s with respec­t to changi­ng mindse­ts

A long and slow battle

The decline in the number of refusals is being taken as a good omen, but there have been good omens in the past that came to naught. PHOTO: AFP

Within the welter of data one figure stands out — there was not a single parent­al refusa­l in the whole of G-B

Punjab gets connected

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on February 26 gave the approval for establishing a free of charge public Wi-Fi facility right across the province. PHOTO: AFP

Digita­l divide betwee­n Punjab and the other provin­ces is wideni­ng by the month & this needs to be recogn­ised federa­lly

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