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PLBW 2014 DAY1: Better play it unsafe than be sorry

With a few misses and even fewer hits, evenin­g sets a bitter­sweet preced­ent for upcomi­ng days


Scientists sneak Bob Dylan lyrics into articles

All of the scientists are big fans of Dylan and think he should have won the Nobel Prize in Literature. PHOTO: FILE

Resear­chers includ­e them as part of a long-runnin­g bet, which began in 1997.


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Dolby Atmos: From movie to home theatre

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Hrithik Roshan: Mind over muscle


Six unsung heroes for muscle-building

Turmeric can also help prevent breakdown of muscle proteins due to critical illness.

Here are the six foods you must incorp­orate into your weekly menu if you want to pack on that rugged lean muscle­