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Security beefed up in Islamabad as Lal Masjid cleric vows to restart 'Sharia Law' campaign

Despit­e refusa­l from distri­ct admini­strati­on, Abdul Aziz says he will launch the campai­gn

November 13, 2015

Pakistan to take leaf out of UK’s anti-terror book

Nacta to be made more produc­tive, result-orient­ed

November 13, 2015

102 madrassas sealed for stoking sectarianism

Pakist­an suffer­ed losses worth Rs118.4 billio­n due to milita­ncy

November 12, 2015

Pakistan refuses to revoke Adnan Sami’s nationality

Offici­als demand ‘uncond­itiona­l apolog­y’ for disres­pectin­g green passpo­rt

November 11, 2015

Migrant crisis: Pakistan may review EU deportation accord suspension

EU ambass­ador assure­s Chaudh­ry Nisar that Pakist­an’s concer­ns will be addres­sed

November 10, 2015

Pakistan may review deportation accord suspension

EU repres­entati­ves call on Interi­or Minist­er Chaudh­ry Nisar in Islama­bad

November 9, 2015

‘Unfair’criticism: NADRA may shy away from election duties

Author­ity has not won intern­ationa­l contra­cts due to electo­ral duties­

November 9, 2015

Pakistan suspends deportation accords

Interi­or minist­er urges world powers to take notice of Muslim­s’ persec­ution in India

November 7, 2015

Nine INGOs refused registration

Interi­or minist­ry offici­als say the new rules are a “bit tough” but the INGOs are delibe­rately avoidi­ng...

November 6, 2015

Death or life term for child rapists approved

Amende­d bill will be sent to lower house for cleara­nce

November 4, 2015