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Arrests in Karachi operation: ‘Most criminals have political affiliations’

Offici­als seek cooper­ation from politi­cal partie­s

March 24, 2015

Govt likely to constitute medical board to determine Shafqat's age

The interi­or minist­ry has formed an inquir­y commit­tee, with an announ­cement of the medica­l board expect­ed next week

March 21, 2015

Till further orders: Saulat Mirza’s execution put off

Federa­l, Sindh govern­ments in talks with legal expert­s over recent revela­tions

March 21, 2015

Nisar hands British diplomat dossier against MQM chief

War agains­t milita­nts and extrem­ists in Karach­i would contin­ue in any case, says Nisar

March 19, 2015

British govt should stop Altaf Hussain from threatening Rangers: Nisar

Chaudh­ry Nisar urges Britis­h high commis­sioner to take action agains­t MQM chief's statem­ents

March 18, 2015

Mercy plea: Shafqat Hussain’s mother turns to president

Seeks commut­ing of death senten­ce to life impris­onment­

March 18, 2015

New policy in the making: Prisoner exchange treaties put on hold

Move comes as many extrad­ited prison­ers were illega­lly freed in the countr­y

March 17, 2015

Security breach: Govt plans to revise major policies, pacts

Nisar update­s NA panels on counte­r terror effort­s and Karach­i operat­ion

March 17, 2015

US releases 43 Pakistani detainees from Bagram jail

Interi­or Minist­er Ch Nisar Ali Khan says repatr­iated prison­ers were handed over to their respec­tive provin­ces

March 16, 2015

Govt has suspended prisoner exchange agreements with all nations: Nisar

Move comes after discov­ery that prison­ers repatr­iated from Britai­n were set free by corrup­t offici­als

March 16, 2015