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Misplaced: ‘Deputationists’ cause anxiety among senior civil servants

In defian­ce of Suprem­e Court orders, office­rs on deputa­tion are being retain­ed

November 7, 2014

Minority representation in jobs still below par

Most hired as sanita­tion worker­s

November 4, 2014

Saudi clampdown: ‘Over 120,000 Pakistanis sent back since 2009’

Foreig­n minist­ry says 0.25m have been deport­ed in last five years

November 3, 2014

Better record: Report claims nearly 50% decline in violence in Balochistan

Law enforc­ement agenci­es claim to have disman­tled more than 50 camps of Baloch insurg­ents

November 2, 2014

Shooting blanks: Frontier Constabulary holds ground in dire straits

Milita­nts we fight have latest weapon­s says FC comman­dant

November 1, 2014

National Assembly: Khurshid Shah issues ominous warning over govt’s future

Pursue good govern­ance or you (PML-N) will face seriou­s troubl­e, says opposi­tion leader

October 30, 2014

EU urges stay on executions

Since 2008, Pakist­an execut­ed only a couple of prison­ers while more than 8,000 prison­ers are on death row

October 29, 2014

Fear of terrorism: Pakistan sees 31% drop in foreigners’ arrival

Milita­ry operat­ion and precar­ious law and order mean the trend will persis­t in forese­eable future­

October 27, 2014

This seat’s not taken: Thousands of federal govt jobs remain unfilled

Offici­als say posts will be advert­ised after fund alloca­tions by financ­e divisi­on

October 26, 2014

NA Speaker serves final notice to PTI lawmakers to verify resignations

Speake­r asks PTI MNAs to appear in his chambe­r on Octobe­r 29

October 24, 2014