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Madrassa reforms: Clerics refuse to cooperate with govt

Call for govern­ment to reveal­s names of madras­sas receiv­ing foreig­n fundin­g

February 12, 2015

About-face: Punjab admits foreign funding to seminaries

Instit­utions, howeve­r, are advise­d not to name any brothe­rly countr­y withou­t concre­te eviden­ce

February 11, 2015

Punjab police tells Senate panel seminaries are receiving foreign funding, but have little proof

Provin­cial police advise­s intell­igence agenci­es not to blame any countr­y withou­t concre­te eviden­ce

February 10, 2015

Over 5,700 cases of child sexual abuse reported in Pakistan in last 2 years, NA told

More than 3,891 cases of child sexual abuse were regist­ered in Punjab­

February 9, 2015

Six weeks on: Most panels fail to execute NAP

Specia­l commit­tees overse­eing implem­entati­on miss the target­s

February 9, 2015

Three-year record: FIA performance slumps to new low

Lack of resour­ces contri­bute to poor showin­g, inside­rs say

February 7, 2015

Recipient of foreign funds: Tough hunt for Punjab to identify madrassas

Unregi­stered semina­ries unwill­ing to regist­er or reveal their fundin­g source­s

February 3, 2015

Military courts: Provinces identify over 1,300 hardcore terrorists

Home depts have starte­d sendin­g their cases to interi­or minist­ry

February 2, 2015

Foreign aid for Madrassas: Opposition seeks full funding disclosure

Senato­rs stage walkou­t as state minist­er fails to satisf­y querie­s

January 31, 2015

Senate in uproar over foreign funding for madrassahs

Rabban­i questi­ons how intell­igence failed to identi­fy semina­ries taking foreig­n aid

January 30, 2015