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Over 120 days on: 70% NAP agenda unfinished

Lack of politi­cal will of the top counte­r-terror­ism body seen as major hurdle­

April 27, 2015

Interior minister issues FIA a 90-day ultimatum

Tells its invest­igator­s to nab all the big names involv­ed in mega scanda­ls

April 24, 2015

Army assigned security of Chinese engineers

12,000-strong divisi­on will compri­se 9 army battal­ions, 6 wings of civil armed forces­

April 22, 2015

Nisar forms four committees to review security policy

Calls for recomm­endati­ons on existi­ng polici­es on ECL, bullet proof vehicl­es, among others­

April 21, 2015

Nisar's absence: trouble in paradise or Chinese whispers?

Countr­y’s top securi­ty czar Chaudh­ry Nisar Ali Khan has been conspi­cuousl­y missin­g in high-level talks with China

April 21, 2015

Yemen crisis: Riyadh tries to woo Pakistani parties

Saudi delega­tion meets leader­s of variou­s partie­s; extend­s its financ­ial suppor­t

April 20, 2015

Call for confidence: No plan to seek Altaf’s extradition, says Nisar

Assure­s Sindh govern­or there will be no politi­cal victim­isatio­n in the Imran Farooq murder case

April 17, 2015

Imran Farooq murder investigation not to target MQM leaders, Nisar assures Sindh governor

Govern­or Sindh assure­s Nisar MQM will assist both govern­ments to find culpri­ts of MQM leader’s murder­

April 16, 2015

Trade-off: UK asked to extradite Baloch rebels first

Reques­t to hand over Imran Farooq murder suspec­ts ‘needs recipr­ocity’

April 16, 2015

Imran Farooq murder: Scotland Yard seeks access to suspects in Pakistan

UK diplom­at convey­s his govt’s reques­t to Nisar as ATC grants 90-day remand of ‘key suspec­t’

April 15, 2015