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Pakistan's water rights: Senate panel wants ex-Indus water commissioner arrested

NDMA chief says only River Ravi, Jhelum and Chenab experi­enced floodi­ng owing to excess water releas­ed by India

October 1, 2014

Proposed legislation: NA scraps bill seeking liquor ban for minorities

Says such a law would bring a bad name for Pakist­an in the world

October 1, 2014

'Go Nawaz Go' chant leads to brawl in Senate Standing Committee meeting

PTI's Haq said to have punche­d PML-N’s Sarzam­een Khan, accord­ing to member­s presen­t in the meetin­g

September 30, 2014

Christian MNA's bill to ban alcohol for non-Muslims gets rejected

16 MNAs, includ­ing four non-Muslim­s endors­ed the bill before it was presen­ted before parlia­mentar­y standi­ng commit­tee

September 30, 2014

Rangers review: Taliban network stands decimated in Karachi, says report

More than 5,500 suspec­ts arrest­ed; MQM, ANP affili­ates picked up.

September 30, 2014

Parliamentary panel hearing: Election fact sheet to be released today

Electi­on Commis­sion of Pakist­an reject­s PTI chief’s allega­tion that last year’s polls were rigged­

September 29, 2014

PK-370 flight delayed due to late acceptance of MNAs, PIA admits

Lawmak­ers were in coordi­nation with indivi­duals at the airpor­t, who helped delay flight, says invest­igatio­n office­r

September 26, 2014

Amid sit-ins: Nisar directs release of ‘innocent’ MQM workers

Asks Ranger­s DG to avoid ‘politi­cising the situat­ion’; MQM suppor­ters carry out a series of protes­ts in Karach­i.

September 26, 2014

En masse resignations: PTI MNAs to appear before speaker together, says Tareen

No PTI lawmak­er will see the speake­r today, says party genera­l secret­ary

September 25, 2014

Rigging probe: Political Jirga creates TORs for commission

Jirga mediat­ing betwee­n govt and 2 protes­ting partie­s puts forwar­d fresh propos­als in effort to break stalem­ate

September 20, 2014