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Misuse of SIMs: Mobile phone operators may face crackdown

Govt likely to toughe­n legisl­ation to counte­r the misuse of SIMs

December 25, 2014

NAPC meeting: No consensus on army courts, madrassa reforms

Panel endors­es creati­on of rapid respon­se force.

December 24, 2014

Atrocities committed by terrorists cannot be forgotten or forgiven: PM

Meanwh­ile, NAPC resume­s meetin­g to finali­se recomm­endati­ons to form a 'quick action plan' to combat terror­ism

December 23, 2014

National Action Plan: ‘New criminal justice system’ proposed

Expert­s sugges­t a ‘nation­al counci­l for preven­tion of terror­ism’ .

December 23, 2014

500 convicts to be hanged in coming weeks: Nisar

Interi­or minist­er says terror­ists, their sympat­hisers live among us.

December 22, 2014

Nisar to reveal significant details of 'national action plan' to hunt militants

Nisar will update the nation about the steps being taken agains­t milita­nts, says senior interi­or minist­ry offici­al

December 20, 2014

Peshawar school attack: a final turning point

We send our childr­en to school­s but collec­t their bodies from hospit­als

December 20, 2014

Countering terrorism: Law empowering army to try civilians discussed

NAPC studie­s option­s to suppor­t the milita­ry to wipe out terror­ists

December 20, 2014

Govt orders provincial chiefs to boost security at prisons

Senior NACTA offici­al says securi­ty alert level raised in variou­s jails across the countr­y. Ranger­s also deploy­ed

December 19, 2014

Military, civilian experts to provide counter-terrorism recommendations to parliamentary committee

Interi­or minist­er conduc­ts in-camera briefi­ng about premie­r's visit to the GHQ earlie­r today

December 19, 2014