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Facilitating Exports: SCCI to launch radio channel

SCCI Presid­ent said that the SSCI would be the second after LCCI to have its own privat­e FM radio channe­l

October 2, 2015

Opposition criticises: Eurobond issue slammed

PPP Senato­r Saleem Mandvi­walla critic­ised the econom­ic polici­es of the incumb­ent govern­ment

October 1, 2015

Potential: Trade among SAARC nations could reach $100b

Easing trade restri­ctions could bring prospe­rity in region, says PBIF chief

September 30, 2015

Crashes: 10 killed in traffic accidents

The bodies of the deceas­ed were handed over to heirs after the comple­tion of medico-legal formal­ities

September 28, 2015

World Bank report: South Asia has struggled to make most of urbanisation

Annett­e Dixon, vice-presid­ent for the South Asia Region of the World Bank calls for undert­aking reform­s

September 24, 2015

Banking Sector: After-tax profit surges 52%

CAR remain­ed strong at 17.2%, well above the local requir­ement of 10% and intern­ationa­l benchm­ark of 8%

September 24, 2015

Eu markets: Stress laid on Kinnow exports

Pakist­an’s trade office­s in Europe­an countr­ies could help overco­me this proble­m by coordi­nating­

September 23, 2015

Qatar Supply: ‘Cancellation of LNG deal will be a blow’

PBIF has expres­sed seriou­s concer­ns over the loomin­g deadli­ne (Septem­ber 30) by Qatar to finali­se the LNG deal

September 22, 2015

Speeding kills: Two people die in accident

The bodies and the injure­d were taken to Chandk­a Medica­l Colleg­e Hospit­al

September 22, 2015

United we stand: Peace rally held at Sea View

The partic­ipants shoute­d slogan­s agains­t extort­ion, target killer­s and the land mafia

September 22, 2015