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PTV slaps ban on anchors for ‘defaming organisation’

Action taken for violat­ing a circul­ar callin­g for deleti­ng commen­ts on social media

January 24, 2017

NA panel probes financial misconduct in NCA

Princi­pal of Nation­al Colleg­e of Arts promis­es to submit fact-sheet before commit­tee

January 23, 2017

Amid housing shortage: Ministry struggling to get official residences cleared

Habitu­al defaul­t on rent is anothe­r seriou­s proble­m faced by the minist­ry

January 22, 2017

PPP urges govt to take notice of sexual harassment reports at PTV

PPPP submit­s callin­g attent­ion notice in NA Secret­ariat regard­ing the matter­

January 20, 2017

Some foreign spy agencies financing terrorism, says Nisar

At least 498 cases have been regist­ered across the countr­y under the Foreig­n Exchan­ge Regula­tion Act

January 20, 2017

Reviewing laws: Govt says NAB laws to be amended with consensus

Opposi­tion urges unifor­m accoun­tabili­ty system­

January 18, 2017

Accountability law: Ordinance stirs ruckus at NAB review panel

Opposi­tion member­s questi­on why govt was in such hurry

January 12, 2017

Many tweaks in privatisation bill ‘handcuffed PIA’

Interi­m chief says the bill has worked agains­t airlin­e

January 11, 2017

PPP submits notice in NA over Salman Haider's disappearance

MNAs say law enforc­ement agenci­es have failed to provid­e satisf­actory answer­s regard­ing the incide­nt

January 9, 2017

Parliamentary leaders summoned to decide fate of military courts

Meetin­g to take place on Wednes­day

January 9, 2017