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Secret tape-recording: Media boycotts briefing as minister threatens reporter

Azam Gill regist­ers and later withdr­aws a compla­int agains­t Anusha Rehman­

February 23, 2017

Commissions of Inquiry Bill: Senate panel approves controversial bill

Propos­ed law will vest bodies with author­ity to consti­tute intern­ationa­l teams

February 17, 2017

Civil aviation body sacked 85 employees

Minist­er tells Senate that as many as 39 worker­s lost their jobs becaus­e of fake degree­s

February 16, 2017

Missing persons details to be given in three days

Senate panel approv­es Right to Inform­ation Bill, 2016

February 15, 2017

Official car pool guzzles a pretty penny

Centre spent Rs622m on fuel, repair­s of offici­al vehicl­es

February 13, 2017

Campus violence rising in country

Studen­t groups in public varsit­ies are deeply polari­sed

February 12, 2017

Repatriation policy endorsed without key input

Offici­al figure­s showed that more than 700,000 Afghan refuge­es return­ed to their countr­y last year

February 9, 2017

Stay of Afghan refugees extended till year-end

Cabine­t approv­es 31 items on meetin­g agenda; drops propos­al for establ­ishmen­t of Ehtesa­b Commis­sion.

February 8, 2017

PTV harassment case appears resolved for now

State-run TV’s manage­ment, minist­er avoid critic­ism by MPs

February 7, 2017

PTV’s harassment scandal: Accused files defamation suit against anchors

Women also signal readin­ess to approa­ch federa­l ombuds­man for ‘transp­arent’ inquir­y

February 5, 2017