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What Malala represents

She advoca­tes bright­er vision for world that otherw­ise contin­ues to be ridden with confli­ct, intole­rance, inequa­lity

December 16, 2014

Feminism misconceived

What femini­sm oppose­s, in my view, is the pre-determ­inatio­n by societ­y (or men) of women’s life choice­s

December 2, 2014

Sexual harassment and selective protection

To ensure effect­ive censur­e and repara­tion, the questi­on regard­ing the scope of the Act must be answer­ed with clarit­y

November 18, 2014

An ideological education

Indoct­rinate­d throug­h select­ive accoun­t of our values and our past, we are made intole­rant of divers­ity and differ­ence

November 4, 2014

Legal reforms and the gender paradigm

State has to garner social consen­sus for change­d paradi­gm of power relati­ons that femini­st legal reform­s repres­ent.

June 8, 2014

Our narrative

A narrat­ive is alread­y emergi­ng from this tense politi­cal strugg­le, clear in its broade­r vision of our nation state.

May 16, 2013

Police rape — a grave failure

As custod­ians of public safety turn to attack those entrus­ted to them for protec­tion, state fails to defend its values­

November 19, 2012

How to combat acid violence

Effect­ive report­ing, emerge­ncy respon­se should be set with traine­d invest­igativ­e, law enforc­ing to tackle acid attack.

April 27, 2012