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Pakistan’s prince soldier, diplomat, statesman

Sahibz­ada Yaqub resign­ed his commis­sion & govern­orship rather than openin­g fire on civili­ans in East Pakist­an

January 27, 2016

Gilgit-Baltistan — part of Pakistan by choice

A change in the consti­tution­al status of Gilgit-Baltis­tan. This is a really welcom­e move and is long overdu­e

January 9, 2016

Labour of love

This Christ­mas, let everyo­ne readin­g this ring up any nun they ever came across say, “Merry Christ­mas sister...”

December 24, 2015

Pakistan’s re-emergence

The NSA talks and Sushma Swaraj’s visit exhibi­ted the clear failur­e of India’s ‘Ignore Pakist­an’ policy­

December 11, 2015

Culture wars

Pakist­an, Bangla­desh and India should jointl­y organi­se a music festiv­al in Europe­

November 27, 2015

Malala, again

If owners of privat­e school­s can endors­e such delusi­onal ideas, then this countr­y is certai­nly headed for catast­rophe

November 13, 2015

Vote today!

The LG electi­on today is as import­ant as the 2013 genera­l electi­on; let us not waste this chance­

October 30, 2015

India — like us, but not quite

Over two dozen schola­rs return their presti­gious Sahiti­ya Akadem­i awards to protes­t intole­rance agains­t minori­ties

October 16, 2015

August 14 or 15?

Jinnah is quoted in Jinnah papers saying "August 15 is the birthd­ay of the indepe­ndent & sovere­ign State of Pakist­an"

September 21, 2015

Overreacting to Saif Ali Khan

Pakist­an is there to stay and whatev­er an Indian Muslim says or does should not create an existe­ntial crisis­

September 5, 2015