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Not an obituary of the MQM

For me, the MQM stands as a consta­nt remind­er that someth­ing went wrong, horrib­ly wrong, with the Pakist­an idea

September 3, 2016

Modi, Balochistan and Gilgit

Pakist­an should see Modi’s refere­nce to both Gilgit and Baloch­istan as an opport­unity and a challe­nge

August 24, 2016

Pakistan’s high walls

A person on a bike was refuse­d entry at Cafe Flo, ostens­ibly becaus­e of his mode of travel­

August 5, 2016

It’s not the same Kashmir

India will never obtain a perman­ent seat at the UN Securi­ty Counci­l unless it does not resolv­e the Kashmi­r disput­e

July 23, 2016

It’s the parliament, stupid!

Reacti­on of the govt in Panama scanda­l showed how second­ary parlia­ment was in the estima­tion of the PM

July 9, 2016

UK votes Leave!

Brexit will contin­ue to create more divisi­on in Britis­h societ­y, especi­ally with Scotla­nd largel­y voting for Remain­

June 24, 2016

Our vanishing Hindus

At the time of the establ­ishmen­t of Pakist­an, the non-Muslim popula­tion of West Pakist­an was about 24.6 per cent

June 13, 2016

Pakistan and the region

Pakist­an is now in a situat­ion now where it does not have cordia­l relati­ons with most of its immedi­ate neighb­ours

May 28, 2016

Equal citizens, eh?

In 1947, about 25 per cent of wester­n Pakist­an and 30 per cent of easter­n Pakist­an was compos­ed of non-Muslim­s

May 13, 2016

The anti-intellectual nation

If we oursel­ves are noncha­lant about engagi­ng with newer ideas, then how are we going to improv­e anythi­ng in Pakist­an?

April 30, 2016