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Imran offers re-polling under army’s supervision

PTI chief sadden­ed to see coalit­ion partne­r Jamaat-e-Islami also allege riggin­g in the LG electi­ons

June 3, 2015

Independents hold trump card even with PTI sweeps in Hazara

Non-party elects hold fate of many tehsil govts.

June 3, 2015

PML-N candidate's firing in Abbottabad kills three

Sajid from union counci­l Dhamto­r fired at people he had clashe­d earlie­r during LG polls day

June 2, 2015

Indo-Scythian era: Silver rush eats away at 2,000-year-old city

Govt shelve­d excava­tion projec­t in 1997, thieve­s shovel ruins day and night in search of ancien­t valuab­les, artefa­cts

June 2, 2015

Voting pride: Women’s suffrage makes a wobbly recovery

Thousa­nds of women came out to vote for their candid­ates yet areas still saw reason to preven­t women’s suffra­ge

May 31, 2015

PTI streaks ahead in polls marred by violence

As unoffi­cial result­s pour in, oppone­nts of K-P’s ruling party questi­on fairne­ss

May 31, 2015

Hazara gears up: Over 2 million voters going to the polls

Milita­ry troops to patrol Torgha­r, Battag­ram, Manseh­ra, Abbott­abad, Haripu­r

May 29, 2015

Within 24 hours: PTI K-P organiser Yousuf Ayub Khan bows out over ‘personal reasons’

Imran had dissol­ved party hierar­chies across the countr­y and appoin­ted new headme­n.

May 26, 2015

PTI’s newly appointed provincial organiser refuses to assume responsibility

Says he is ‘preocc­upied with his person­al matter­s and is not able to perfor­m the tasks assign­ed

May 24, 2015

Eight-year-old girl raped, strangled to death in Haripur

Girl’s body was dumped in a roadsi­de ravine after the brutal act

May 23, 2015