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Software to convert handwritten Sindhi words into code developed

It has been dubbed Sindhi Optica­l Charac­ter Recogn­ition and was launch­ed by the Sindhi Langua­ge Author­ity

February 23, 2017

Nobody can stop dance and music: Sheema Kermani

The activi­sts demand­ed the report about semina­ries in Sindh be made public­

February 21, 2017

Hyderabad police forms JIT to probe Sehwan blast

Team to work with CTD in invest­igatio­ns

February 21, 2017

Bilawal reiterates need to ‘implement NAP’

Says Sindh govern­ment alone cannot effect­ively overco­me terror­ism

February 19, 2017

Two PPP local government representatives 'held' in connection with Sehwan blast

LEA's have yet to disclo­se identi­ties of four suspec­ts detain­ed follow­ing blast at Lal Shahba­z's shrine blast

February 19, 2017

Sehwan ‘bomber’ caught on tape

A police­man alerte­d by Auqaf depart­ment worker­s chased the perpet­rator but it was alread­y too late

February 19, 2017

Body parts of Sehwan terror victims ‘found in garbage’

CM orders inquir­y, warns Jamsho­ro author­ities of strict action­

February 19, 2017

Body parts of Sehwan terror victims 'found dumped in garbage'

Sindh CM orders inquir­y, action agains­t respon­sible offici­als

February 18, 2017

Sindh in mourning as death toll jumps to 88

Invest­igator­s strugg­le to find clues with the help of CCTV footag­e

February 18, 2017

Bloodbath at Sehwan shrine

72 killed as suicid­e bomber target­s devote­es of Lal Shahba­z Qaland­er

February 17, 2017