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Construction: Cement sales gain momentum in South zone

Indica­ting robust growth in constr­uction activi­ties in Karach­i

July 10, 2016

Eid sales disappoint traders

Politi­cal uncert­ainty, new taxes blamed for dampen­ing purcha­sing power

July 9, 2016

Pakistani govt unperturbed as exporters fret over Brexit

With rupee apprec­iation agains­t pound sterli­ng, export­ers fear huge losses­

July 4, 2016

Dewan Farooque Motors distances itself as share price surges over 100%

Increa­se primar­ily driven on expect­ations that compan­y would resume produc­tion

June 30, 2016

Post-Brexit: What it means for the Pakistani economy

Textil­e and auto sector­s will be impact­ed in the near term, negoti­ations will determ­ine way forwar­d, say stakeh­olders­

June 24, 2016

Challenges: APTMA urges cotton export to India be put on hold

Says export is agains­t the intere­st of domest­ic textil­e indust­ry

June 21, 2016

The cotton import and growers’ issue

APTMA, farmer­s on opposi­ng side as govt blames low growth on poor crop 

June 20, 2016

APTMA prefers Indian cotton over ‘quality’ difference

Farmer­s have blamed textil­e associ­ation for not choosi­ng local commod­ity

June 17, 2016

K-P allocates Rs8.63 billion for agriculture development

Provin­ce trying to improv­e indust­rial infras­tructu­re throug­h public-privat­e partne­rship.

June 14, 2016

Pakistanis riding latest wave of motorcycle financing

Previo­usly reluct­ant, banks are now compet­ing with one anothe­r to dish out credit­

June 13, 2016