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PPP tamps down anti-govt protest plan

Strate­gy change made as opposi­tion party awaits outcom­e of Panama­gate case

January 16, 2017

Raheel Sharif has not applied for NOC ‘to head Saudi coalition’: Khawaja Asif

Defenc­e minist­er says govern­ment will decide in accord­ance with law if ex-COAS makes a reques­t

January 12, 2017

PPP braces to launch anti-govt drive in Punjab

Party planni­ng to hold gather­ings in differ­ent cities of the provin­ce this month

January 11, 2017

Dead politicians still alive — on ECP list

Severa­l dorman­t and defunc­t partie­s still regist­ered with poll superv­isory body

January 8, 2017

Hopes for expatriate voting slim in absence of viable mechanism

Such an exerci­se would requir­e facili­ties that are curren­tly unavai­lable in countr­y’s diplom­atic missio­ns abroad­

December 28, 2016

Zardari returns to a different role

Will act as patria­rch, while Bilawa­l will remain face of the party

December 24, 2016

Domestic security policy in tatters: Babar

Tantam­ount to the minist­er saying that proscr­ibed organi­sation­s are free to join any politi­cal entity under any name

December 23, 2016

Electoral reforms: Panel suggests voiding polls if women turnout below 10%

Reform­s commit­tee tables interi­m report on electi­on reform­s in parlia­ment.

December 21, 2016

New session: PPP moves privilege motion against premier

Argues that the PM’s stance in NA contra­dicts that of his attorn­eys in SC

December 14, 2016

PPP ponders major reshuffle in Sindh cabinet

Source­s claim change­s likely before Decemb­er 27

December 11, 2016