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Fundraising campaign: JuD, FiF donation camps persist

Police say they have remove­d two camps and detain­ed those runnin­g them under terror­ism laws

August 29, 2016

Free communication: Judges, court officials to have dedicated cell numbers

These number­s will have conces­sional post-paid user packag­es for judges of Lahore High Court

August 25, 2016

Patwaris exploiting flaws in new land record system

System depend­s on patwar­is for inheri­tance mutati­on, correc­tion of names, land demarc­ation

August 24, 2016

History, heritage must be protected as right to life: LHC

Court disall­ows constr­uction for Orange Line Metro Train projec­t near 10 herita­ge sites

August 22, 2016

Heritage sites: LHC sets aside NOCs for Orange Line project

LHC orders fresh, indepe­ndent study of antiqu­ities

August 20, 2016

Rakhi observed in Lahore

Minist­er promis­es a commun­ity centre for Hindus­

August 19, 2016

Assessment: LHC seeks details of pending cases across province

Distri­ct and sessio­ns judges have been asked to fill forms and send them to the LHC within a week

August 18, 2016

‘Provisions concerning only Islam be revisited’

The provis­ions in the Pakist­an Penal Code that discri­minate agains­t non-Muslim­s be revisi­ted

August 15, 2016

‘August 11 black day for many’

Forced conver­sions in Sindh highli­ghted in protes­t

August 12, 2016

Gojra riots inquiry: Tribunal recommends revisiting blasphemy law

Tribun­al seeks consen­sus from CII, differ­ent school­s of though­t on amendm­ents

August 10, 2016