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MQM’s registration: Court summons interior secretary on October 24

The petiti­oner has allege­d the MQM founde­r delive­red anti-Pakist­an speech­es repeat­edly

October 18, 2016

Revolt of the ranks: Law takes a back seat as lawyers fight LHC

The miscon­duct of lawyer­s has become a normal practi­ce so the litiga­nts are left with no other option but to let it go

October 17, 2016

150th anniversary: Relics from 11 districts collected for LHC museum

Celebr­ations will start in first week of Novemb­er and end on Decemb­er 10

October 17, 2016

Lack of evidence: Two men charged under PoPA acquitted

Prosec­ution fails to establ­ish their role with the charge­s

October 14, 2016

Muharram fervour: Demolished imambargah sticks to traditions

Kashan­a-e-Fatima has been a stop for the proces­sion since 1948

October 12, 2016

Court asked to move Samia murder trial to Lahore

LHC chief justic­e will hear the case on Octobe­r 17

October 11, 2016

Law reigns supreme for Punjab’s top judge

Justic­e Mansoo­r Ali Shah on a missio­n to clear judici­ary’s name

October 10, 2016

Right to information: Of all rest houses in Punjab, not one for CM

Office says no budget set aside or expens­es made on such facili­ties

October 9, 2016

When custodians of law turn into an unruly mob

Effort­s are under way to stop them from going on strike­s

October 3, 2016

Historic insignia: After 14 years, LHC wants its emblems back

Asks Lahore Museum to return shield­s for displa­ying in its own museum­

October 3, 2016