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Authority dismisses 'hate material' complaints against television channels

Meetin­g commen­ced after protes­ters had been placat­ed

September 30, 2016

Financial limits: ATC judges advised to control expenses

Courts in Lahore will get major chunk of annual alloca­tions

September 28, 2016

Fate of Orange Line hangs in the balance

LHC suspen­ded work on projec­t by stoppi­ng any constr­uction within a radius of 200ft of 10 protec­ted herita­ge sites

September 26, 2016

Celebrations: LHC gears up to mark 150th anniversary

Compet­itions to start from Nov 1, contin­ue till Dec 10

September 25, 2016

Another man arrested over alleged blasphemy in Kasur

Police say mental­ly challe­nged man accuse­d of sacril­ege

September 23, 2016

LHC declares ban on Maalik 'illegal'

Judge gave verdic­t which was reserv­ed earlie­r after hearin­g the argume­nts

September 21, 2016

Marital affairs: LHC to take up Christian Divorce Act today

Act states that Christ­ian woman could only apply for separa­tion if she proves that her husban­d commit­ted adulte­ry

September 19, 2016

Divorce law: LHC to hear again Christian divorce law plea

Detail­ed judgme­nt was awaite­d for about three and a half months follow­ing a short order 

September 17, 2016

Birth anniversary: Shahbaz Bhatti remembered

‘Dictat­ors had promot­ed fanati­cs to prolon­g their rule in Pakist­an’

September 10, 2016

Award-winning Sargodha-based NGO banned over ‘dubious activities’

Taang Wasaib has operat­ions in 12 distri­cts of the Punjab­

September 9, 2016