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Access to justice: Bar leaders divided over decision on new benches

SCBA suppor­ts the move, PbBC has called a meetin­g to discus­s the matter

July 22, 2016

Police accused of beating up suspect’s wife

Witnes­ses said his wife Nargis Bibi, a conver­t from Islam, was beaten while being taken to the police statio­n

July 18, 2016

Case update: Relatives released after ‘blasphemer’ is arrested

Two women and an infant had been detain­ed on July 10

July 15, 2016

High-handed: Women detained to pressure kin

Neighb­our says Christ­ian man falsel­y accuse­d of blasph­emy for marryi­ng a woman from Muslim family­

July 12, 2016

E&T tax on liquor declared illegal

The commit­tee shall take decisi­ons by a majori­ty vote, the judge said

July 11, 2016

Pakistanis celebrate Eid today with rest of Muslim world

India and Bangla­desh will celebr­ate Eidul Fitr on Thursd­ay

July 6, 2016

‘Don’t tax liquor sold outside Punjab’

Judge observ­es that laws with inter-provin­cial operat­ion are beyond the compet­ence of a Provin­cial Assemb­ly

July 5, 2016

CJ announces reforms to eliminate corruption

Justic­e Mansoo­r says he envisi­oned transp­arency and accoun­tabili­ty in the judici­al system­

July 4, 2016

State and citizen: ‘Remove discriminatory laws that hurt minorities’

Lawyer says feelin­gs of non-Muslim­s should also be consid­ered in judgin­g a movie or a piece of writin­g

June 29, 2016

Can transgender marry? ‘Yes,’ says new Fatwa

Mufti Imran says transm­an can marry transw­oman but not transm­an

June 27, 2016