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In a first: Anti-Ahmadiyya advert in mainstream media

Appeal aimed at 'quelli­ng Qadian­iat and to restri­ct their activi­ties to save Muslim­s'

June 25, 2016

National rights commission observing CII statement

NCHR member says it will oppose CII statem­ents that could affect women’s rights­

June 25, 2016

Clamp down on channels violating code of conduct, LHC directs Pemra

The media watchd­og direct­ed to take action agains­t channe­ls airing pornog­raphy, black magic and quacke­ry

June 23, 2016

Audit of procurement of medicines at PIC sought

Inquir­y report recomm­ends that appoin­tments on contra­ct basis be discon­tinued­

June 20, 2016

To divorce or not to divorce? Church leaders opine on Christian Divorce Act

Pre-marria­ge counse­lling sugges­ted

June 14, 2016

Let there be peace: Funds set aside to create ‘tolerant society’

This year’s alloca­tion is the same as last year’s

June 14, 2016

SIC declares honour killings un-Islamic

Self-prescr­ibed standa­rds of honour based on which honour killin­gs were carrie­d out were rooted in ignora­nce

June 14, 2016

Govt’s reply sought on petition for price control

The petiti­oner said the common man could no longer afford essent­ial commod­ities in Ramaza­n

June 13, 2016

Anti-Ahmadi campaigners demand Ramazan bazaar’s relocation

A Ramaza­n Bazaar set up in Chenab Nagar has attrac­ted attent­ion of some self-descri­bed anti-Ahmadi­a campai­gners

June 8, 2016

‘No part of Cathedral Church would be affected’

The admini­strati­on of St Andrew’s Church has also convey­ed its reserv­ations to the train projec­t manage­r

June 6, 2016