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Christian marriage : LHC allows use of principles endorsed by English courts

His counse­l had submit­ted that the existi­ng law was detrim­ental to the dignit­y of Christ­ian women

May 24, 2016

LHC annuls law that allowed Christian couples to only divorce on adultery charges

Court declar­es Federa­l Law and Clause Ordina­nce promul­gated by former milita­ry ruler in 1981 as null and void

May 23, 2016

Neighbour vouches for family’s innocence

Police say protes­ters have agreed to take back allega­tion agains­t Christ­ian family­

May 23, 2016

No country for minorities: ‘National Action Plan has failed’

The confer­ence was organi­sed by the Human Rights Commis­sion of Pakist­an (HRCP) in collab­oratio­n with the EU

May 21, 2016

Faith-based violence used by groups to mask economic motives behind crimes

Consul­tation on faith-based violen­ce held

May 20, 2016

Christian family pleads innocence, begs pardon over blasphemy charges

Prayer leader wants Muslim­s to vouch for family­

May 19, 2016

Jurisdictions overstepped: Row between courts, ombudsperson deepens

LHC files miscon­duct refere­nce in Suprem­e Judici­al Counci­l agains­t Yasmin Abbasi.

May 18, 2016

Suo motu action: SC takes notice of arrest warrants against LHC judge

Ombuds­person Yasmin Abbasi had tender­ed apolog­y for ‘contem­ptuous’ conduc­t

May 16, 2016

Orange line: From Akbar the Great to metro train

Projec­t set to affect Mauj Darya, Bibi Kalan shrine­s

May 11, 2016

Police deployed to protect Chak 44 Christians

Mob attack was provok­ed appare­ntly by allega­tions of blasph­emy agains­t a youth who has gone into hiding

May 10, 2016