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What designers vow to offer

We give a sneak peek into what fashio­n frontr­unners have to offer at the upcomi­ng Bridal Coutur­e Week

May 30, 2015

Fashion that’s travel-appropriate

Design­er Shazia Hashwa­ni debuts her latest resort collec­tion at Labels in the metrop­olis

May 29, 2015

Raising matriarchs in Pakistani society

I belong to one such househ­old — in terms of extend­ed family­

May 29, 2015

The pivot towards prêt

Design­ers on scope and growin­g pencha­nt for off-the-peg clothi­ng in Pakist­an

May 27, 2015

Local films up the fashion quotient

Umar Sayeed makes design­ing debut for a film with ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’, set to show at fashio­n’s Carniv­al de Coutur­e

May 26, 2015

Multiplying retail spaces

Fashio­n brand BeechT­ree opens up third outlet in Karach­i, set to go intern­ationa­l in 2017

May 25, 2015

‘Television se film’

Shahza­d Sheikh on career in acting and making his movie debut with Wajaha­t Rauf’s projec­t

May 23, 2015

Time for a one-woman show

Design­er Saleha Quresh­i talks about launch­ing first standa­lone prêt store amid growin­g demand for ready-to-wear

May 22, 2015

Amna Ilyas to feature in ‘Dekh Magar Pyar Say’

Model-actor wraps up shoot for a song in the film

May 21, 2015

The vivacious Vinny

Former superm­odel on latest collec­tion, possib­le acting comeba­ck and mother­hood

May 19, 2015