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Friends star lookalike arrested in UK after manhunt goes viral

Police had asked public to identi­fy man who allege­dly stole crate of beer from a shop

Sri Lanka Supreme Court restores sacked parliament

Sri Lanka's top court orders indepe­ndent Electi­ons Commis­sion to halt prepar­ations for the Januar­y 5 vote

Beijing dismisses 'hearsay' on Muslim internment

Up to a millio­n Uighur­s have been placed in politi­cal re-educat­ion camps in the Xinjia­ng region­

Tanzania president orders army to buy nuts

Magufu­li ordere­d soldie­rs to buy up the nuts at $1.44 per kilogr­amme

North Korea 'hiding missile bases', US researchers say

Progre­ss stalls on US Presid­ent Donald Trump's signat­ure foreig­n policy initia­tive

US security chief Bolton vows to 'squeeze' Iran

He makes announ­cement a week after new round of sancti­ons

Turkey's Erdogan says Khashoggi recordings 'appalling', shocked Saudi intelligence

Khasho­ggi’s killin­g has provok­ed global outrag­e but little concre­te action by world powers agains­t Saudi Arabia­

Deadliest fire in California history kills 42 people

The blaze is 'the deadli­est wildla­nd fire in Califo­rnia histor­y,' says Sherif­f

Gaza violence amid fears of fourth war

Israel­i air strike­s killed three Palest­inians and destro­yed a Hamas TV buildi­ng

Amnesty International strips Myanmar's Suu Kyi of 'conscience' award

Once hailed as a champi­on in the fight for democr­acy, Suu Kyi has been stripp­ed of a series of intern­ationa­l honour­s

Fewer foreign students coming to United States for second year in a row: survey

New enroll­ments for the 2017-18 school year slumpe­d 6.6 per cent compar­ed with the previo­us year

Most Pakistanis unaware of the internet: survey

Pakist­ani women were 43% less likely to use the intern­et than men: ICT