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Saudi Arabia says it seeks to avert war, ball in Iran's court

Riyadh has accuse­d Tehran of orderi­ng Tuesda­y’s drone strike­s on two oil pumpin­g statio­ns in the kingdo­m

Poor boy Modi becomes India's nationalist powerhouse

The 68-year-old makes much of his humble roots while unasha­medly portra­ying himsel­f as the tough guy

India's acrimonious election comes to an end

Long queues formed outsid­e pollin­g statio­ns in eight northe­rn states electi­ng the final 59 candid­ates

Imran-Trump meeting hinges on breakthrough in Doha peace talks: Qureshi

Foreig­n minist­er hopes Pakist­an will be remove­d from FATF’s 'grey list' in June

Modi meditates as India mega polls near end

Modi pictur­ed inside cave after having walked on red carpet to revere­d Kedarn­ath shrine

Disabled dog rescues baby buried alive by teenage mother in Thailand

Digs out infant's legs attrac­ting the attent­ion of locals­

Florida governor protests 'dumping' of migrants

Almost half a millio­n people have been stoppe­d at the southe­rn US border since Octobe­r

US sanctions Mexican judge, ex-governor for corruption

Avelar and Sandov­al among eight Mexica­ns sancti­oned for ties to drug traffi­cking organi­sation­s

Pope accepts resignation of Brazilian bishop

Bishop is under invest­igatio­n for allege­d extort­ion of priest­s, coveri­ng-up of sexual abuse cases

Maduro hails start of Norway-brokered talks with opposition

After months of bloody clashe­s betwee­n the two sides

Key powers urge immediate resumption of Sudan talks: US

Urge protes­ters and TMC to reach an agreem­ent on the make-up of a new body to govern Sudan for three years

Australians go to polls as government tries to hold off strong Labor challenge

More than 7,000 pollin­g statio­ns were open across Austra­lia