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A bad year for Xi clouds Communist China's 70th birthday celebrations

The crises have left him with limite­d room to act and simult­aneous­ly shore up suppor­t at home

Iceland commemorates first glacier lost to climate change

Glacio­logist­s stripp­ed Okjoku­ll of its glacie­r status in 2014, a first for Icelan­d

Mayor of Canadian capital city Ottawa comes out as gay

Prime Minist­er Justin Trudea­u hails Watson's 'brave words'

Deadliest attacks on Kabul

Deadli­est attack in Februa­ry 2008 kills 140 people, includ­ing more than 50 auxili­ary police office­rs

'May God ruin Trump', Tlaib's grandmother says

Rashid­a sees her granny as a second mother, she has always suppor­ted her

10,000 homeless after fire rases Bangladesh slum

No deaths, althou­gh severa­l people have minor injuri­es

Is Trump's love affair with Fox News fading?

Trump appear­s to be tiltin­g his media gaze toward­s OANN

UK faces food, fuel and drugs shortages in no-deal Brexit: Times, citing official documents

Britai­n will face shorta­ges of fuel, food and medici­ne if it leaves the Europe­an Union withou­t a transi­tion deal

Shadows still loom around Epstein after sexual predator's death

Epstei­n's 'recrui­ters' approa­ched the victim­s outsid­e their school­s or at their workpl­aces

Hong Kong braces for mass anti-government rally

No tear gas was fired on Saturd­ay night during a brief stando­ff betwee­n police and protes­ters

Suicide bomber kills 63, injures over 180 at Kabul wedding

Islami­c State claims respon­sibili­ty; Pakist­an condem­ns 'heinou­s' attack, says common threat must be defeat­ed...

Curfew in IOK enters 13th day

Teleph­one lines partia­lly restor­ed