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Militants kill 9 Syria regime fighters near Idlib: monitor

Govern­ment forces to respon­d with artill­ery fire

Japan cybersecurity and Olympics minister: 'I've never used a computer'

Yoshit­aka Sakura­da, 68, was named to two posts last month by Prime Minist­er Shinzo Abe

North Korea's Kim inspects newly developed 'tactical' weapon, releases US prisoner

Threat­ens to sour the diplom­atic atmosp­here as negoti­ations betwee­n his countr­y and the US appear to have stalle­d

Myanmar holds 106 suspected Rohingya Muslims aboard boat, official says

Raisin­g fears of a fresh wave of danger­ous voyage­s after a 2015 crackd­own on people smuggl­ers

Trump fires senior advisor at start of expected White House reshuffle

Melani­a Trump made the extrem­ely rare demand for deputy nation­al securi­ty adviso­r Mira Ricard­el to be fired on Tuesda­y

California authorities collect DNA to identify fire victims

The number of people listed as missin­g skyroc­kets past 600

US studying Turkey's demands to extradite preacher

Ankara voices impati­ence over Washin­gton's failur­e to hand Gulen over

Julian Assange charged in US: WikiLeaks

Prosec­utors reveal existe­nce of sealed indict­ment in a court filing of an unrela­ted case

US fails in UN bid to take aim at reproductive health

The propos­al loses in UNGA with 96 countr­ies voting agains­t, 33 in favour and 35 absten­tions

China offers Myanmar support over Rohingya issue after US rebuke

Pence voiced Washin­gton's strong­est condem­nation yet of Myanma­r's treatm­ent of Rohing­ya Muslim­s

British PM fights rebellion over Brexit deal

Member­s of parlia­ment on all sides warned her there was no way the plan could win their approv­al