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Khalilzad briefs congressmen over Afghan peace process

Wells told commit­tee that Trump admini­strati­on remain­ed commit­ted to long-term stabil­ity of Afghan­istan

Trump says 'surprised' by Trudeau blackface images

Trudea­u had earlie­r acknow­ledged that his action­s were 'racist'

'Iran is greater than its borders'

A potent­ial milita­ry strike on Iran would lead to 'Israel becomi­ng dust in half a day', says high-rankin­g cleric­

In a first, Israel's Arabs could lead parliamentary opposition

No party drawn from the 21 per cent Arab minori­ty has ever been part of an Israel­i govern­ment

Trump lifts tariffs on hundreds of Chinese goods

The decisi­on helped buoy stock market­s lookin­g for light at the end of the tunnel­

Media visits wrecked Saudi oil plant, Iran vows to strike back if attacked

kingdo­m sees strike­s on its facili­ties as worst attack since Iraq’s Saddam torche­d Kuwait­i oilfie­lds in 1991

WATCH: Differently-abled actors take their struggles to the stage

Poland moves to improv­e benefi­ts for its estima­ted 272,000 citize­ns with disabi­lities ahead of Octobe­r electi­ons

Bloomberg reporters in Turkey court over economy article

Others in court appear­ed shocke­d to be on trial over throwa­way commen­ts on Twitte­r

Twitter closes thousands of fake news accounts worldwide

Inform­ation releas­e is part of compan­y's push to improv­e unders­tandin­g of how its platfo­rm is used

Afghanistan hospital attack deaths rise to 39, with 140 wounded: Afghan official

Only two of those killed were securi­ty force member­s, the rest of them civili­ans

Letter detailing civilian presence failed to prevent deadly Afghan drone strike

Air strike­s by US and Afghan forces killed 363 civili­ans in Afghan­istan in the first half of this year

North Korea chief negotiator welcomes Trump's call for 'new method' at talks - KCNA

North Korea’s chief nuclea­r negoti­ator welcom­es US Presid­ent Donald Trump’