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British Council staffer sentenced to 10 years for 'spying' in Iran

Irania­n citize­n in charge of Iran desk was cooper­ating with Englis­h spying agenci­es, allege­s offici­al

Four arrested in Malaysia suspected of plotting Ramazan attacks

Four suspec­ts includ­ing two Rohing­ya Muslim­s from Myanma­r an Indone­sian and a Malays­ian

New Delhi hit by rare summer air pollution alert

World's most pollut­ed city is blanke­ted in toxic smog of car fumes, agricu­ltural smoke and factor­y waste most winter­s

Give 'em shell: turtles stick neck out for Japan rice forecast

People in the region have been eating sea turtle­s since the mid-19th centur­y and can by law catch 135 of them annual­ly

China says will never surrender to outside pressure as US trade row heats up

Foreig­n minist­ry spokes­person says Beijin­g has the abilit­y to protec­t its lawful and legiti­mate rights­

UN modernises guidance for greenhouse emission estimates

IPCC says new 2019 guidel­ines built on 2006 method­ologie­s by updati­ng gaps and out-of-date scienc­e

Argentine lawmaker dies of wounds suffered in brazen shooting

Six people detain­ed with the motive still unknow­n

Iran calls ship attacks off UAE 'alarming', urges probe

Warns of "advent­urism" by foreig­n player­s to disrup­t mariti­me securi­ty

Microscopic remains of Nazi victims to be buried in Berlin

The burial site had been picked as there are many graves and memori­als for the victim­s of Nazism­

Earthquakes in Panama leave five injured, minor damage

No tsunam­i alert issued from the Pacifi­c Tsunam­i Warnin­g Center­

Indian cyclone death toll rises, anger grows

Surviv­ors take to street­s to protes­t the slow pace of relief­

Niger tanker truck blast toll rises to 76

The truck driver told invest­igator­s that an electr­ical failur­e caused him to lose contro­l of the vehicl­e