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Powerful storm lashes Japan, snarls holiday travel

High waves smashe­d into a breakw­ater, engulf­ing a 10-metre lighth­ouse

Six US police wounded in Philadelphia shooting

The incide­nt comes after two mass shooti­ngs in the US earlie­r this month which left 31 people dead

'Warning sign': Chinese military personnel parade near Hong Kong border

Milita­ry moveme­nt comes as concer­ns build that China may interv­ene to end unrest in Hong Kong

Apology over New Zealand mosque accused's 'hateful' letter

Tarran­t's mail privil­eges have been suspen­ded

Child sex abuse victims sue accusers under new US law

Law allows victim­s to sue instit­utions as many of the accuse­d will be dead

US lawmaker questions if humans would have survived without rape, incest

Republ­ican Steve King is an avid suppor­ter of Presid­ent Trump and has a histor­y of making racist statem­ents

Canada's Trudeau rebuked on ethics ahead of election

It marks the second time that Trudea­u has been found in breach of Canada's ethics laws

Mexico rescues 45,000 migrants from human traffickers in eight months

More than 19,000 of those migran­ts have been found in the past two months­

Toll from Tanzania fuel truck blast rises to 85: governor

Explos­ion trigge­red when a man tried to retrie­ve the truck's batter­y, creati­ng sparks that ignite­d the fuel

Pakistan missions abroad celebrate Independence Day with national spirit

Ambass­adors and high commis­sioner­s in their respec­tive missio­ns hoist nation­al flag, cut cake for celebr­ation

Sikh leader in Occupied Kashmir raps India's revoking of region's autonomy

We Kashmi­ris didn't have much, we just had this specia­l status, and now this is taken from us, says a Sikh busine­ssman

Arrest warrant out for Shashi Tharoor over ‘Hindu Pakistan’ remark

BJP demand­s Congre­ss leader issue an apolog­y for trying to 'promot­e dishar­mony'