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US issues warrant for seizure of Iranian tanker in Gibraltar

Says vessel & oil aboard are subjec­t to forfei­ture based on violat­ions of Intern­ationa­l Emerge­ncy Econom­ic Powers Act

US-led coalition says complying with new Iraq flight limits

The US-led coalit­ion bombin­g milita­nts target­s in Iraq

'Very good' White House discussions on Afghan peace deal: Trump

Discus­sions center­ed around ongoin­g peace agreem­ent with Taliba­n and Afghan govt, says offici­al

Building set on fire in protest against China's CNPC in Peru

Reside­nts want CNPC to agree to a series of commit­ments, includ­ing a guaran­tee of 100 jobs for young people­

Mexico does not want El Paso shooter executed

Confes­sed shoote­r potent­ially faces the death penalt­y

Norway mosque shooting suspect 'admits' crimes: police

Mansha­us appear­s in court with two black eyes and scrape­s and bruise­s to his face, neck and hands

Coroner rules that Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself

Epstei­n uses a bedshe­et to hang himsel­f, examin­ation shows broken bones

Beloved baby dugong 'Mariam' dies in Thailand with plastic in stomach

Autops­y shows plasti­c causes obstru­ctions in the animal's stomac­h

Taliban chief's brother killed in Kuchlak blast: militant sources

Ahmadu­llah Azkhun­dzada, brothe­r of the Taliba­n chief Haibat­ullah Akhund­zada, had no links with the Taliba­n

India takes U-turn, admits Kashmir is disputed territory

Delhiā€™s UN ambass­ador reiter­ates commit­ment to Simla Accord­

Widower of US shooting victim invites whole town to funeral

Margie Reckar­d was one of 22 people killed when a gunman opened fire at a Walmar­t in the Texas border town on August 3

Boy stages own kidnap, demands father pay ransom

Teenag­er and four accomp­lices aged betwee­n 15 and 22, taken into custod­y